What Is A Toilet Auger


A toilet is a very necessary plumbing product for any home and office. But a clogged toilet is not less than a nightmare. Facing such a situation is so disturbing and embarrassing. Nasty and awful smells also spread from a clogged toilet very rapidly. So, it should be fixed as soon as possible. A professional plumber can do it very easily but they cost very high. So, before calling a plumber you should try plumbing to unclog the toilet which is a toilet auger.

Toilet auger

When we hear the toilet auger first we want to know what it is and what it does. A toilet auger is a specially designed plumbing tool to unclog a toilet. The tool is so well-designed that it can remove clog very easily. This tool’s working process is quite simple. It unclogs a toilet by going to the toilet through the pipe. It goes all the way in through the pipe and takes out all the clog with it. This tool is about three feet long. As it is long in size so it can easily go through the pipe in. it uses the connecting pipe to go in and pulls all we clog out.

Some special features make it different from other plumbing tools and define them more efficiently. It has a protective rubber sleeve; this rubber sleeve works perfectly without leaving any scratch on the toilet bowl and it does no harm to your toilet.

Nowadays plumbers are quite expensive to afford but a toilet auger is not so expensive. You can buy these at an affordable price. There are so many different types of auger available online. In case of pulls out clog from the toilet, this is the best tool so far.

You are now able to buy the best toilet auger for your plumbing needs.

Different Parts Of A Toilet Auger

1. On the top of the handle there is a crank attached. The crank is attached to the cable directly. And this is used to pull in or pull out the cable. To pull the cable pull the crank upright and to pull out push the crank and it will work accordingly.

2. On top of the handle, there is a grip as well. The grip is given so that you can hold it strongly during work. While you are not using the auger you can also hang it by using the clip it has.

3. It has a long tube that makes sure there remains some space between you and the toilet. It also helps you to work standing. That means you can crank standing on the floor.

4. It also has a bowl guard and you need to insert this part of the auger into the entry point of the drain hole.

5. To go inside the pipe it has a long and flexible cable which is also known as a snake.

6. At the end of the toilet auger head there is a spring located. This spring holds the clog that makes the problem to your toilet and the clog can be easily pulled out.

Precaution Of Using Toilet Auger

  • Make sure that the bottom end of the auger is submerged if not then add some water in the toilet bowl. Avoid adding hot water because hot water can harm to your toilet bowl. Often it causes cracks on the bowl.
  • If there is a lot of water in the bowl then bail some water from that. If there is so much water in there, then it can splash to the floor and create a hassle for you.
  • Place a towel around the toilet bowl if any water splashes will become very easy for you to clean the surrounding area and will also save a lot of time.
  • Do not use any type of chemical before using any toilet auger. If it splashes anyhow it can cause harm to your body parts, then.
  • v Make sure that you are using gloves while working with a toilet auger.

Steps Of Using Toilet Auger

Using a toilet auger one can unclog the toilet very easily and effectively. All you have to do is just to follow some simple steps-

1. Hold the grip of the handle with your one hand. With your other hand hold the crank and pull the crank until the cable goes up. The spring should be pressed against the bottom of the handle.

2. Now take the bent part of the auger and put it inside the toilet bowl. Do it very gently and ensure that the spring of the auger is faced toward the drain side.

3. Push the crank into the pipe as far as it goes. Keep it doing until you feel any resistance in your pathway.

4. When you feel any type of stoppage rotate the crank in a clockwise motion. Rotate the crank and continue to go deep down also. Keep it doing until the crank touches the handle. That means you need to push the cable into the pipe all the way in.

5. If the cable is stuck then pull the cable a bit and push it down again. Do this very gently. If you apply so much pressure your toilet could be harmed, then.

6. If it seems like there is a clog then rotate the crank in a clockwise motion and pull the cable back.

7. To make sure that there is no clog remaining inside your toilet repeat the process several times. When the water of the toilet bowl goes down that means there is no clog anymore.

8. After unclogging the toilet completely, pull out the auger from the toilet.

9. Flash your toilet several times and see that the water is going down or net. If it goes down, then now you have a clog-free toilet.

Your toilet is unclogged and now wash and wipe the auger properly. Remove all the clog from the spring and keep it for further use.


Toilet auger is a very essential tool for unclogging a toilet. This tool is so professional and efficient that one can unclog the toilet very easily under a very short time. It will do no harm to your toilet and you’ll get a clog-free toilet without consuming a lot of money.

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