Best Pregnancy Apps that Help to Stay Fit and Healthy


Exercises offer numerous benefits to you and your baby during pregnancy. It relieves back pain, legcramps, and other unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy. Thanks to technology advancement, there are fantastic apps that provide moderate exercises to help you stay healthy and physically fit during pregnancy. We have scared the web and pared down some great pregnancy apps that are very beneficial. Let’s delve in.

1. Kegel Trainer PFM Exercise

Kegel Trainer PFM exercise is one of the most popular exercise apps for pregnant women. It contains easy to follow exercises sessions to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. The app has daily reminders to ensure you follow all the sessions which range from 30 seconds and 3 minutes. Here is the interestingbit. The app uses visual, vibration, and audio exercise instructions which you can personalize. It also helps to avoid childbirth complications. Kegel app will send you reminders if you happen to forget about your workouts sessions. It comes with more than tendifferentsessions to offer varying exercises.

2. Baby2Body

Bbay2body is a free all-round app for both prenatal and postnatal health and fitness. Itoffers helpful workouts, exercise, recipes, and tips designed for your wellbeing during pregnancy. You can also get podcasts and videos for more enhanced learning.

3. Prenatal Workout Free

This app from Power20 provides ideal instruction covering all pregnancystages. Allworkouts are designed by prenatal yoga instructors and are divided into trimesters. You can catch up depending on the stageof pregnancy you are in. Before you begin any workout exercise starts with a stretching exercise that takes less than 5 minutes.

The app boasts of exciting graphics and easy to use interface. This makes it fun and keeps the mother engaged and motivated. On the downside,a free version of the app contains one set of excise for each trimester. The sessionsdo not require any equipment.

You can even customize the app to get workouts that suit yourpregnancy stage.

4. Pregnancy Exercise and Workout at Home

As the name suggests,Pregnancy Exercises and workout at home provides beneficial workouts to boost your well bring during pregnancy. Also, theexcises are tailored to make you strong during any pregnancy stage.

But that is not all. The appuses pictures and animation to make it easy to follow the exercises.

5. Aaptiv

Aaptiv is a free app available both in Google playstore and apple store. It avails simple workouts to enhance yourwellbeing anytime you want. The works are put in a variety of categories which makes it easy for you to choose the ideal exercises. Youcan start with short exciseswhich span less than 7 minutes and progress tolonger workouts which typically take 15 minutes to minutes

6. The Bump

The bump is a one-stop-shop for all pregnancy tracking needs. It does not only help you to stay fit but also provide expert tips to manage stress and other pivotal things. It offers answers to all your question. It can be beneficial if you are having a hard time choosing a baby shower dress. The Bump app is available on android and iOS for free.

7. Ovia

Ovia is one of the best pregnancy apps in 2019. It providespersonalizedhealth tracking.  One distinct feature of this app is that you get instant feedback. With thousands of articles and customized tips to enable you, take care of your health.Ovia app is available in both android and iOS


The importance of staying healthy and fit during pregnancy cannot be overemphasized. Exercise is not only great for your health but it can also help in treating postpartum conditions like postpartum prolapse.  With the help of apps, you get tailored instruction depending on the pregnancy stage. In addition, some apps feature videos and audio instructions and reminders. This makes your exercise experience fun and convenient. Lastly, it is important to consult your doctor before starting exercise sessions.

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