How to Choose a Dog Crate: An Ultimate Guide


The dog crate market is awash with countless crate designs shapes and price tags. An avid dog lover willalways look forwardto purchasing a comfortable crate that the dog will appreciate. Before you contemplate on bringing in that Mastiff or Cocker Spaniel home, you need to know the perfect crate let alone the extra small dog harness that will perfectly fityour furry friend.

There are numerous factors to consider before you head out to make a purchase. You want to get it right on the first time. First and foremost is you need to contact a reputable online pet shop with complete dog supplies. Visit Pet Parlour to experience all the advantages of shopping in a trusted online pet shop. Meanwhile,  some factors to consider include:

  • The size of your preferred pet dog.
  • The age of your dog if she is a puppy, or grown up.
  • The dog’s temperament and behaviour – destructive or timid.
  • Underlying weather patterns or climate – ventilated or insulated design.
  • Purpose-for travel or for indoor/outdoor use.
  • Your target budget and aesthetic preferences.

Dog crate qualities to lookout for

When you go shopping, it’simportant that you know the ideal qualities that make up the best crate for your dog. You need to avoid buying crates that are too small or larger thanlife. You need to go for a crate that has adequate play space. Your Miniature Pinscher or Whippet should be able to sit, crawl, turn and stretch. Crates that force the dog to crouch or stoop all the time can be a disaster to the pet’s posture and temperament.

What materials

There are different materials used to construct dog crates. Before you buy, you need to check out the suitability, pros and cons.

Plastic crates

They are made out of plasticpoly blends andthey are fitted with a plated steel bar doors. They come fitted with insulated and ventilated sidings and a waterproof bottom.They are the best if you want your dog to enjoy privacy on the go.

Wooden crates

These are made out of specially treated wood panels. They provide exceptional durability, sturdiness and visibility.

Wire dog crates

These design offersprovide full visibility, ventilation, and they are portable. Their open nature makes them easy to clean, fold and carry around.

Metal crates for bigger breeds

If you have a pet Maltese with smaller physique and average weight, you can opt for the soft-sidedplastic crate. However, if you own a Mastiff or a Boerboel with heavy pounds, it’s advisable to choose reinforced metal crates. Bigger dogs tend to damage the soft and average build crate faster than you know it.

Get the right size

To get the right crate size, it’s crucial that you know your dog’smeasurements first. Even if you have a handy dog crate size chart, taking the actual measurements goes along way. You need to determine the right heath, length and the body width. The ideal size will allow your smallor large breed to manoeuvreits way inside without stress.

If you want to avoid the stress of shopping for a dog crate every time you have a new pup, consider buying one that the young dog can grow into. Alternatively, you can pick one that is big but go for a crate divider you can resize the crate as yourYorkshire Terriergrows.

Consider portability

Dog lovers love to flaunt their pets whetherit’s on a shopping trip oron a flight. It’s wise to consider portability when choosing these crates. Always consider the set up weight and the space you have. The walls and the bottom should be sturdy enough to complement comfort and security when on the move. A perfectlyinsulated and sound proofed crate makes the right travel companion and home away for home. Remember, a comfortable dog crate willmake crate training easy and your pets will always look forward to making use of theirnew home.

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