Are there Companies that Offer Free Replacement for Roofs with Solar Panels?


You might have solar panels on our roof, or perhaps you are considering getting solar panels to save your electricity bills. However, you might be wondering how to handle the cost of solar panel removal and reinstallation when repairing or replacing your roof. You might have heard that some companies offer no-cost roof replacement with solar, but is that really true?

Let’s find out.

Do Roofing Companies Replace Roofs with Solar Panels for Free?

The answer is No. You must not misunderstand the statement by solar installation companies that use the term ‘free solar’ when advertising their products. You will still have to pay for the solar panels and their installation, over some time if you don’t pay upfront.

Some solar panels offer roof replacements, solar panels, and even running costs to customers without upfront payment. However, there is often a monthly payment plan to pay up.

So, you can’t look to your solar companies for roofing replacement, meaning you have to look at the roofing companies.

Can I Replace My Roof with Solar Panels on it?

No. You will need to remove your solar panels before your roof can be replaced.

So, you’ll need to call a professional to dismount your solar panel before the roofers can replace your roof. This is because roofers don’t have the necessary skills and experience to remove solar panels.

Considering how long solar panels last, which is often an average of 25 years, it is better to replace your roof before installing solar panels so you don’t have to dismount and then reinstall your solar panels to replace your roof.

You can also look out for solar installation companies who partner with roofing companies to help you secure discounts on your roof replacements before you install solar panels.

How can I tell if my Roof is too Old for Solar installation?

The best way to gauge whether or not your roof is too old for solar installation is to consider its age. If your roof is more than 10 years old, you should consider replacing it before installing solar panels. However, if your roof is not up to 10 years and is in good condition, you can install your solar panels.

If you’re unsure, ask an expert to inspect your roof and decide if it is good enough for solar panel installation.


Now you know that the chances of a No cost roof replacement with solar are slim to none. This is because solar installation companies don’t usually often offer roofing services. Similarly, roof repair and installation companies don’t have the expertise to uninstall and install solar panels.

However, there are exceptions – like this New-England based solar company, Evergreen Solar – who offers a roof replacement and solar bundle for no out-of-pocket costs. If the home is a good fit for solar, the monthly savings tend to outweigh the costs of making the switch – even with a new roof. So if you’re thinking about going solar and think you might need a new roof, consider taking on both projects as once if it means you’ll save money in the long run.


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