How to Give Your Home More Storage with Furniture


Storage is a major part of keeping your home tidy and understanding where everything is, and it is quite easy to forget just how important good storage can be. No matter the size of your home, it is important to have enough storage to use the space properly, but not so many individual storage options that finding things become confusing.

If you are looking to add more storage to your home, then finding good storage-focused furniture can be the best option. Whether you just want a little extra storage in one room or a complete overhaul of the way that you store things in your home, exploring your storage options is always worth it.


A bookshelf can be one of the most versatile storage options you have, if only because it is both storage and a display unit. Some bookshelves have doors (glass or otherwise) while others are open and fully accessible at all times, but even the most basic bookshelf unit can provide a lot of shelving all in one space.

While individual shelves might look nicer if you want to keep your floor space clear, a bookshelf could offer anywhere from two to six layers of shelving while still taking up the same amount of floor. The only downside is that you sometimes have to attach them to the wall, especially if you do not want taller, slimmer units to topple over.

Display Cabinets

If you want to display things instead of just keeping them stored, then large living room display cabinets are a perfect choice. Not only do they offer a good amount of storage (although this might vary based on the design), but they can also be a great centerpiece for any room. If used correctly, a display cabinet might even become a conversation piece for visitors.

Remember that there are a lot of different kinds of display cabinets out there, so you need to choose the option that suits your needs best. Some are all-glass, others are closer to conventional shelves and bookcases, and a few might even be entirely bespoke designs that are only meant for displaying a select few items. The option you choose will depend on what you are looking for in a cabinet.

Remember that there is a lot of cabinet designs out there, some more straightforward than others. A box-shaped industrial cabinet generally takes up less room than a similar antique one but may also offer less storage or not quite fit with the aesthetic of the room that you are trying to redecorate.

Storage Boxes

While not ideal, a storage box or two can still be a good way to contain a lot of smaller items or related possessions. If you get the right kind of storage container for your current shelving options, then you can technically increase the amount of storage a shelf offers at the cost of boxing up the items you want to store.

Keep in mind that it is very easy to forget about the things you have in your storage boxes, and many people will use them as a dumping ground for things that they forget they own. If you worry about hoarding items that you do not actively use every day, make sure that you are regularly checking your storage boxes instead of leaving them ignored on a shelf.

Drawer Units

Smaller drawer units, including portable ones or units with multiple swappable levels, can be an ideal source of small-scale storage for day-to-day situations. While they might not be suited to holding larger clothes or important possessions, they could work as a way to store things like toiletries or makeup.

Even simple plastic drawer units can be perfect for temporary storage, allowing you to keep certain items all in one place without committing to a larger purchase. However, larger drawer units are still better in most situations, giving you more room to work with.

Drawers can come in many shapes and sizes, and there is no perfect choice. It all depends on the kind of storage that you are looking for and the specific aesthetics that you want to pursue for that room, even if that means looking into options that you otherwise would not consider. Remember, there is not a single cabinet or drawer unit that suits every home and room.

Other Furniture Tricks

There are a huge amount of furniture options that can provide extra storage, and they are not always easy to identify at first glance. While things like under-bed storage are fairly obvious since storage is a selling point of the piece, there are others that might completely fly under your radar or ways to use new furniture that you had not considered.

For example, some display cabinets come with their own built-in shelving and adjustment options, allowing you to choose exactly how much space they provide. Classic large display cabinets often come with extra drawers in the bottom for storing things that you do not actually want to display, or they may even have a sliding door that allows you to choose how you display the contents at any given time.

Remember that you do not just have to use one unit, either. Combining two cabinets side by side can give you twice the storage room for twice the space, – and if you use two of the same type, then pairing them together can look very natural. This becomes easier with boxy industrial cabinets, but even antique designs can be used in this way quite effectively.

Most importantly, do not be afraid to use storage within the storage. While larger storage boxes might end up being ignored, a small jewelry box or a mini shelving unit can be placed inside a larger storage option to compartmentalize it all even further. This makes it much easier to store a lot of individual items in an efficient way, but without making them hard to access.

Whatever you choose, it’s important not to go too overboard with storage. The more you have, the easier it becomes to lose things, so sometimes keeping important items out and visible is actually better for knowing where everything is.

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