All You Need to Know About PS5

Gaming consoles have been especially popular among gamers because of the immersive playing experience that it brings. There are multiple consoles used all throughout the history of the gaming industry, but one is particularly used frequently — Sony’s PlayStation Series.

Recently, the news about Sony’s upcoming PlayStation5 became the most talked about topic in the gaming world. Even punters who play new slots online are intrigued. This is by far the developer’s most innovative console yet.

Although it hasn’t been officially released yet, the hype regarding the device and the things it can offer has been staying on the rise. For this reason, in this article, we are going to talk about all the things that you will need to know about the PS5.

What is PS5?

PlayStation 5 is a game console made by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Its predecessor, PS4, was released last November 2013. PS5 is not yet available for purchase as of the time of this writing.

There are two possibilities, but unofficial variations of the device. The first one is a system with an optical disk drive. The second is a more affordable version but without the disc drive. There are also multiple new games made available by PlayStation 5 upon release. These are:

  • Marvel’s Spider-Man; this one is the Miles Morales character, not Peter Parker

  • Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

  • Gran Turismo 7

  • Sackboy A Big Adventure

  • Horizon Forbidden West

  • Returnal

These games are made better because of the new game optimization features of the console. The graphics are breathtaking, and gamers are in anticipation of its release.

Device Specifications

So, what is in the box? Let us take a look at the specs of the new PlayStation console.

  • CPU – powered with AMD 8x Zen 2 Cores; the performance is expected to be at 3.5GHz

  • Memory Interface – players will see fast action and high-resolution with16GB GDDR6 at 256-bit

  • Memory Bandwidth – this is huge at 448GB/s; this is what makes the new console powerful and capable of delivering high-resolution graphics

  • Internal Storage – you can store games on the device with a maximum storage capacity of 825GB SSD

The console also has an expandable storage NVMe SSD slot, plus an external Storage with USB HDD support. You can insert your external hard drive, and the console will read it much as a computer does. As you can see, the PS5 is built for faster gameplay experience and accessible memory storage.

Features and Pricing

This particular modern console also offers a lot of exceptional features such as:

Lightning Speed

Based on the specs above, PS5 is equipped with a fully custom processing unit, both CPU and GPU, and an SSD. This means that you can expect a faster loading speed compared to its predecessors. Furthermore, its SSD is programmed to provide ultra-high processing speed for its built-in games. Sony even coined the term “lightning speed” to describe the console.

Customized System Integration

PlayStation 5 also has an integrated I/O, which enabled the developers to program the game with never-before-seen features.

Gameplay-Optimized Features

Sony also prioritized the enhancement of gameplay experience. Aside from the system speed, they also incorporated graphic improvements like Ray Tracing. They focused on the factor of realism by refining game details such as shadows, reflection, and sun rays.

You can also play games at a frame rate of up to 120fps. This has a 120Hz output. In addition, this is also available for 4K to 8K television displays. Playing games is also more enjoyable because of the HDR Technology that results in a vibrant and emphasized graphic display.

Tempest 3D Audio Technology

Of course, the audio is as important as the graphics. PlayStation 5 has a tempest audio technology that can be accessed through either headsets or speakers. This is designed to make the sounds as realistic as possible.

The features stated above are only some of PS5’s advantages. For sure, there are many more that will be dropped by Sony upon the console’s release. These features also do not include the ones integrated with their accessories.

PS5 Pricing and Release Date

The announcement for PlayStation5’s launch was made back in 2019. However, the console’s exact date of release is not yet given. If you visit PlayStation’s official website, it only lists “Holiday 2020” as the expected time.

The pricing, on the other hand, is also unannounced. Despite that, considering PS4’s cost, which is $400, and the features included, we can expect that the PS5 can get a little expensive.


In conclusion, it may be difficult to make assumptions about the game console itself, now as it is not yet released, but with all the unique innovations compared to the past PlayStation series of consoles, PS5 is definitely worth looking forward to.