Ultimate Guide on How To Clean a Ping Pong Table


Those of you who love playing table tennis must have a proper table tennis setup. But having a best ping pong table is not the only thing. You also have to maintain your ping pong gear as well. Because the touch and feel of a dirty, dusty and sticky ping pong table affect the quality of play. Furthermore, we all know that ping pong tables do not come cheap. It means that you need to properly maintain and clean the table.


Therefore here is a complete guide on ‘How to clean a ping pong table’ and protect it from any kind of damage?

Why Is Cleaning TT Table Important?

An unclean Table tennis table definitely looks untidy and affects the look of your game room. Well, it is not the only reason to keep your TT table clean and properly maintained. Here is a list of all the other reasons why you should clean your TT properly clean!

Damage Tabletop

One of the biggest reasons to often clean your TT table is that dirt, dust, oil layer, and accidental spills damage the tabletop protective coating. And once the protective coating gets damaged, it speeds up the deterioration process. The table gets prone to wear & tear. And all you money goes into the trash very soon.

Decreases Table Durability

An unclean and poorly maintained TT table is susceptible to rust, wear & tear. All of this reduces the durability of the table. Which means that you would need to buy a new Table sooner or later.

Affect GamePlay

Damaged TT table is one thing but do you know an unclean ping pong table impeded your gameplay as well? Yes, you are reading is correct. The dusty and oily tabletop impacts the ball bounce and decreases the spins. Furthermore, the serves and returns get uncontrolled and distorted. As a result, the whole feel of the games gets messed up.

Potential Damage For Ping Pong Paddles

For a great TT game experience, you need a great table as well as the perfect;y maintained paddles. But when you play at unclean TT table, the dirt, dust, and oil get on the ping pong ball and transfers to paddle. As a consequence, the paddle rubber gets sticky and oily. And it damages the rubber, clogs its pores and affects ball bounce & spins as well.

How Often Should You Clean Your TT Table?

If you are wondering how often ping pongs tables should be cleaned, then it depends on certain factors. These factors include:

How Often You Play On Table?

If the TT table is frequently used such as you play every evening, then you need to wipe the table with a clean cloth before the play. It is to ensure that there is no dust or dirt particle on the tabletop.

How Dirty The Environment Is?

If you live in a dusty area and use your table frequently then you have to clean it with a dampened cloth before every use. But on the other hand, if you play occasionally only at family gatherings then make sure to clean it once a week.

Is it Indoor or Outdoor?

When it comes to Indoor vs. Outdoor TT tables, the outdoor tables requires to be cleaned more frequently. It is because the outdoor tables are mostly fixed and stay wide open. So you need to wipe it daily or on alternate days. But if you have a TT setup in your living room or garage, cleaning it once a week would be sufficient.

How You Store It?

If you keep your table cover when not in use or when store it then you would not clean it every now & then. But if you keep your TT table uncover then you have to clean it regularly or on alternate days.

How Long You Store It?

If your TT table spends more time under the bed or in the closet it might need cleaning twice a month. Just to make sure that dust and dirt are not causing the table to rot!

Guide To Clean a Ping Pong Table

By now you have known why it is important to keep your TT table clean and properly maintained. So let’s move forward on how to clean the TT table? In this guide, we will list all the things that you should do and don’t when cleaning your TT table!

Things To Do To Clean TT Table:

Here is a step-by-step guide to clean the ping pong table without damaging it

  1. Clean the net and table separately.
  2. Carefully remove the net from the table.
  3. Use a soft, clean and dry cloth and wipe away the dust from the table.
  4. Get a TT table cleaning spray/foam and put it on the table.
  5. Use a soft sponge to spread and wipe away the cleaner.
  6. Then use a clean and soft piece of cloth to wipe the table again.
  7. Let the table air dry.
  8. Then lubricate all the metal parts, frame, and even the tabletop.
  9. If you are not playing then cover the TT table using a good quality TT table cover.

Net Cleaning

  1. Make a diluted vinegar solution – 1 part vinegar to 5 parts water.
  2. Soak the net fabric in the solution for 30 minutes.
  3. Remove the net, scrub it with a toothbrush.
  4. Rinse it with water.
  5. Let it air dry.

Things To Avoid

  1. Never use harsh TT table cleaning solutions.
  2. Don’t use water on the TT table.
  3. Don’t leave the TT table too wet.
  4. Avoid soaking the net attachments into water or solution.
  5. Don’t go for lubricants with VOC or other toxic materials.
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