Advantages of Jetting Over Cabling Drains


Regardless of your home’s sewage system, drain clogs are common issues in every house. When materials build up and get stuck in your sink drains, toilets, bathtubs, and showers, your sewer line slows drains and sometimes causes overflowing issues. Because of the myriads of negative effects obstructed sewer lines have, experienced sewage professionals and technicians like those from Maryland jetter service advice instead of choosing other ways of cleaning and keeping your sewage system in better condition, embrace jetting.

Defining hydro–jetting

Unlike other ways of cleaning sewage systems, jetting or hydro jetting is a technique that uses a powerful stream of high-pressure water, especially for cleaning drains. The method cleans using a clean-out which is an opening that allows you to perfectly clean clogs within pipes, sinks, and drains. During the process, the high-pressure and hot water gets down into drains and pipes and pushes grease, mineral build-ups, hair, roots, and other debris out.

The benefits {advantages} of jetting over your cabling drains

Unlike other drain and sewage system cleaning and pumping methods, drain line water jetters are designed and engineered to clear blocked and stopped drains more efficiently than cable machines.  You’ll use jetters in conjunction with sewer and drain line cameras to help you perfectly handle every issue you’re looking to solve. The camera comes designed with high-quality capturing abilities to offer you the ability to see unblocked drains, especially when your sewer lines contain blockages.

At the same time, jetters come with higher-pressure water working ability, which you use from the jetter nozzle by inserting into the access areas you notice blocked drains. Some nozzle areas include downpipes, sewer lines, and drains, especially those connecting to toilets, bathrooms, and sinks. When using the jetters, you’ll utilize high-pressure water to reach drain clogs, especially the sticky ones or residues causing the blockage. These blockages can be within or around pipe sides. However, regardless of where dust and heavy particles affecting the sewer lines are located, jetters send water to those areas to perfectly flush foreign objects and other blockage-causing components like roots. Additionally, besides offering a perfect flushing ability, other advantages of jetting include:

Environmentally friendly

Although you’ll be cleaning your sewage system to help keep your surroundings clean and healthy, other methods like chemicals do more harm than good. As such, jetting becomes an excellent consideration because of its environmentally friendly benefits. Jetting removes clogs completely, prevents self-healing clogs of substances such as grease, especially when they’re-form, and is safer.  The safety and environmental advantages of jetting are also because the only component used is water. Using water discourages chemicals that can drain in the water treatment plants and cause health risks. Additionally, because jetters use hot water, you’ll be able to kill disease-causing elements such as mold and other organisms. At the same time, using jetters doesn’t affect soil around, unlike chemicals meaning it’s an excellent option to clean sewage systems even when you’ve got vegetable gardens within your property.

Highly effective at clearing blocked drains

As stated above, jetters come with high-pressure hot water. This water enters drains, sinks, and any space between your sewage system, thus being able to flush out damage-causing components of any size. When water penetrates deeper into built-up debris, expect to perfectly flush and clean rocks, minerals, and rocks or other obstructions, causing clogging and waste stuck-ups.

Also, unlike chemicals, jetters high–pressure water prevents corrosion. This happens considering pipes, especially those in deeper sewage lines, rust, and when you use chemicals to clean them, corrosion increases, especially because chemicals boost it. Also, when using jetters, debris within your sewer lines is cut by the machine’s steel spring cable, which works by bouncing and jumping around to penetrate pipes correctly.  By doing this, the cable machine comes with the ability for you to control its movement, especially to avoid damaging your pipes, thus cleaning your sewer lines better than other techniques.

When do you need jetting over other methods?

Because you can use other methods to clean your sewer lines, jetting is an excellent consideration at times, including:

Cleaning oily content

Oily content stuck on sinks making it hard for water to flow. When this happens, you’ll notice overflowing, leading to the spread of food spills which cause health risks. Therefore, if you’re looking to clean oily content from your sinks and drains, the best option you’ve got is jetting.

When preventing corrosion on pipes

Unlike chemicals, hydro-jetting only uses water, meaning you’ll prevent corrosion on pipes. At the same time, using water penetrates deeper, thus removing rust-causing elements from pipes.


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