A Closer Look at Our Martial Arts and Boxing Competitions


Being physically active improves your overall health and confidence with your body image. But for most of us, going to the gym might not be as motivating, especially if you have to do it every day. If this is your current situation, then you will appreciate the idea of changing up your fitness regime, like joining a boxing club. Each gym equipment has been designed to work on specific parts of your body, and performing the sets and reps each day can be very monotonous, so how about trying some full-body workouts?

Some famous full-body workouts include Zumba, aerobics, rock climbing, rollerblading slowly becoming popular and parkour. These have been designed to offer you full-body training with various exciting moves to get you engaged. But if you are the type of individual who loves the ideas of the gym and lifting weights throughout the week, it doesn’t hurt to change it up once in a while. How about trying some martial arts or boxing? These activities have been found to work on various muscle groups, helping you burn fat faster and increase your metabolism. And each of these workouts is all about the mind together with your physical ability.

Doing some boxing for fitness.

If you are looking to build on your biceps and still keep fit, boxing is a fun workout alternative. The different moves you get to do develops your core and improves your overall body posture. Boxing helps you shed unwanted fat, works your muscles and works on your core, offering you that extra confidence you get after a workout. It also improves your posture, thus slowly changes the way you sit.

How about some martial arts?

Samurais would initially start with Kendo, as this was a boxing discipline but used bamboo instead of the metal stones. But over the years, this has evolved into its own kind of weapons training. If you are familiar with fencing, this is not that different; instead, you use bamboo swords designed as two handed weapons. Martial arts has a list of other disciplines that will work your whole body from Viet Quyen Dao, Hapkido from Korea, Kung fu from China, dance like capoeira originated from Brazil or even muay Thai that is from Thailand.

The most common option for most fitness enthusiast is the Viet Quyen Dao as it has been modernised to include some kickboxing, judo and karate. It is to ensure it has both the contemporary and traditional techniques that is used in an unarmed defence and attack. And with the incorporation of various technique, you are sure to learn some defence moves while still putting in your workout for the day.


Staying active is essential, and ensuring you look forward to your workout regime, you need to spice it up once in a while. So how about joining a boxing club? This helps keep you engaged, motivated to attain your fitness goals and probably learn a new skill while at it.

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