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I’m sure we’ve all seen those movies and TV series where people are always travelling. They are going to places we’ve never even heard of but are so beautiful. You wish you could be there! And some of them have all the equipment they require for that particular trip, right there in their vehicle. How are they doing so? Most of them use a large van or a trailer to travel along to places unknown. You also see some Living in those vans with all their appliances set and the leisure of a bed and lights. Well, aren’t you wondering where they have enough electricity in the car to handle so much power? Yes, it’s a generator, typically known as the RV Genset Generator. You can also find great deals on RV accessories here.

What is an RV?

An RV is a Recreational Vehicle. It is a type of or similar to a large van or a trailer. People using this vehicle can live there in case they don’t have a place, can take it on the road and travel to faraway places or go for camps. Usually, they use these types of vehicles when they go boondocking, which means going to places so far away there’s probably no network and a lot of peace. RV is like a minibus with all your accommodation in one place. You can have them in different shapes, sizes, colours, features and more. When going travelling with your friends choose a double-decker or a Class B RV. When living there for a while go with a motorhome or a Class A RV. The various basic features that an RV consists of are the sleeping quarters, cooking facilities, televisions, air conditioners and more. There are lot more RV accessories available these days. Some of the more illustrious features of an RV are a spa, large windows, leather seats and more. Now that you know the various types of RVs, let’s talk about their power generator.

What is an RV Genset?

All the appliances and other power required for your RV are provided by generators. Generators are machines that function by converting mechanical power into electrical power. And a Genset is a combination of a generator and an engine, making it portable. These are used for an RV. While most of the RVs come with inbuilt generators, you need to be able to understand which one is the best suited for your needs before buying one. The RV Genset Generator has the basic operation of running the appliances in the RV and also provides an engine for running the vehicle if you’re travelling.

There are two major purposes of the RV Genset.

  1. It can be used to store energy within the RV’s house battery.
  2. It can be used as a direct plug-in for AC power supplies with not more than 120AV.

The two uses mentioned above are either to store energy for later use or use a lot of energy at once. The second option is a better option because there’s only so much power to charge your house battery with. So remember to choose the correct RV Genset for your vehicle and the one that you are sure to be able to maintain.

Why do you Need An RV Genset and How to Maintain it?

We’ve already discussed what an RV Genset does for your trailer but is it necessary to have one in your RV? The answer is yes. You do need a Genset to be able to run your RV. Without it, you will not be able to use any of the appliances you need. Especially when you go boondocking or camping, you need to have the necessities ready for you but if there’s no power supply to provide, there’s no use for them.

RV Genset requires the bare minimum to be maintained. All you need to do is be sure to service it every 12 months. Keep it oiled and in check. Fill up your tank and be sure not to burn it out soon. Sometimes, RV uses batteries for small appliances like gas detectors, so make sure to have a battery disconnect attached to the Genset to be able to save on the energy. Generators can run up to as long as 12 hours but when the battery runs out you need to charge them. To do that we need shore power. Shower power is a power supplier on the shore side. But there are other ways to charge your RV Genset as well. It could be plugged into an electrical grid outlet at a campground or park. You could charge it at a power outlet before leaving at home. You can also charge them via a generator.

Types of RV Gensets

There are several RV Gensets available. The most basic Gensets are the Diesel generator and the Natural Gas generator. Others are gasoline generators, solar generators, inverter generators and more. The companies selling these generators are the Cummins Onan, the Honda EU, the Champion 3400 Dual Fuel, Powermate PM0 and more. The Cummins Onan is the most famously known RV Genset but also one of the most expensive ones. It’s known for its amazing features. There are so many more but these are the best ones according to us.


We know how important travelling is and how much we all need a break right now. It’s much easier and safer to travel in a motorhome when you need your necessities for camping. Above we’ve mentioned all you need to know about an RV and the RV Genset Generator and why it is necessary. If you do happen to run into problems and are in the area, the RV Repair St George offers is top notch, and will have your RV Genset running again in no time. We hope this article was helpful for you to decide how to look for the best suited RV Genset for your vehicle. Happy Travels!


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