A Checklist of Essentials for Kitting Out a Gaming Room


A gaming room is something that many aspire to. If you are a gamer with room to spare, why not invest in some of the key items that will help you to game in comfort? Here are some of the things you can’t forget.

A Good Chair

You need to ensure that you have a good chair if you know that you will be gaming for hours at a time. Some might find themselves up in the wee hours of the morning trying to complete one more quest, others might get up early for a session playing with friends all over the world. Regardless of the games you play, you need to ensure that you have a good chair to settle back into.

A good ergonomic gaming chair will have adjustable support for your lower back, and you should also be able to adjust the height of the arms and the seat itself if needed. You might even find one that allows you to easily recline and relax as you play all of your favourite games.

Gaming Hardware

Obviously, you need to have the right equipment to be able to game. Whether you want to play on a console or a PC, you have to come up with a set-up that allows you to enjoy all your favourite games from one position.

Don’t forget the add-ons too! You need to have a crystal clear screen so that you can see every play from your hands at GGPoker or every enemy trying to outsmart you in your preferred FPS. The type of screen that you want is really up to you. Some people like to have double or even triple monitors, others might want to opt for one long one. There are also considerations like flat versus curved to think about.

Make sure you also consider the speakers or headphones that you want to use too. It can be a real disappointment if you pour effort into making your favourite game look good, only for it to sound like rubbish when you use headphones or the speakers on your computer.

Memorabilia and Décor

This is a room that you go to in order to relax, so you should make it into a fun space that you want to spend time in. Put in some good storage so that you are able to display any memorabilia that you have collected from your favourite games, shows, and films. Hang art on the walls and generally make this into a space that is a little quirky and a little more you.

You could even go all out and invest in a fun theme for this space. Turning it into a room that looks like a Mario level, or maybe even a famous game tavern like the Bannered Mare might not be for everyone, but it can also make for a great space where you hang out in your own home. If you have friends who often come over to join you for co-op or multiplayer fights, you might also find that this is a great space to have for entertaining.

These are three key areas that we think you need to address when trying to kit out a gaming room. Ultimately, it should come down to your needs and preferences as a gamer. Nail the basics, and the decorations can be as you choose. Before you know it, you could have a beautiful space that you are more than happy to sit in as you while away the hours playing your favourite games – whatever they might be.


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