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Looking for the best wooden table top Singapore to be placed at one of the most essential parts of your home – the dining room? Something that neutralizes each corner of the room without ruining the overall interior of your dinette?

If you are hesitant about what particular kind of material to purchase, I highly recommend the use of a wood table!

Why Buy a Wooden Table Top?

The reason for my claim is that upholstery products constructed from wood contribute a dash of refinement, aesthetic value, and grace to every area of your room.

Woodwork is cheap to manage and repair. You just simply avoid strong exposure to the sun and out of regular interaction with liquids.

Once handled appropriately, a wooden table top Singapore will stay for generations, allowing you to experience the delights of an elegant design for many coming months or even years.

Specifically, when you wish to have furniture which can remain quite a lengthy moment and ease of repair work, solid wood will be the ultimate pick for you.

Hardwood fluctuates in designs, toughness, and hue from one wood to the next which will present you with a multitude of selections. The more choices, the merrier to contemplate and pick the best out of the best.

However, if you are new to this view of lifestyle, you might be worrying which of which is worth your penny, right?

Set your worries aside and take your time scrolling through because we will provide you with the greatest and foremost options you should consider in buying a dining table for your lovely area!

Tips You Should Consider When Buying a Dining Table

Before deciding and going to the actual store or browsing online shops for wooden dining tables, it is best recommended to look for tips so there will be a sense of fulfillment once you put your money out since you know you are looking for the preeminent choice.

Keep in mind that you will need a dining table that meets your finances. That should be your top priority.

In addition, it must be well-built, appear beautiful in your home, and feature a look that you, your family members, and visitors appreciate for a significant period.

Widen your imaginations and do not just focus on what is on the hotlists, rather, look for the one that despite not being on-trend; will still be admirable even after several years.

Here are also the actions you should take place in considering:

Measure the area of your dining table accurately

The primary guideline you must know is that your dining room table should suit the eating area. I suggest you never skip this part because this will be the foundation of your intended aesthetic for your eating place.

Take note that the dining table is a remarkably enormous type of home furnishings, so you should always provide a comfortable area all over it.

Ascertain the width and length of the square footage for the dining room table. To obtain a desired dining set measurements, deduct approximately 6 feet from those two estimations that you got.

Before choosing a layout, think about your preferences

Considering rectangular or square sets are typically the prevalent type, it will not be a hassle for you to get the most selections in regards to designs, dimensions, and versatile features.

On the other hand, a circular shape or oblong table will offer you a greater room to walk across because it minimizes the edges while also maintaining a broad table open space. Trust me, this will be the ultimate pick, especially if you have narrow and linear spaces.

Assess the table’s pillars

A table’s core, which is generally known to be either a trestle, double pedestal, an x-base, or four legs (as shown in the picture) could perhaps constrain the capacity of individuals who can dine at it.

The first thing you should do once you see your ideal table set is to test the chair by sitting on it to check whether your legs reach the legs of the table.

As you push in, evaluate if you got sufficient distance for your thighs and whether you could spread your knees from below the tabletop. Give importance to the leg size and where the legs are positioned when you wish to be extra accommodating to your visitors or your family members.

Pick the appropriate material based on your personal taste

It can be challenging to find the perfect substance for your dining area. In selecting the suitable one, you must evaluate your sense of theme, the convenience of maintenance, and affordability.

Once your chosen table doesn’t meet any of those parameters, it might culminate in a purchase you will end up not enjoying.

The following are some of the materials you may choose:

  • Wood – Solid wood is a timeless substance that is both lasting and low maintenance. Common, less pricey alternative options variations include pine, acacia, mango, and teak. This may be the most preferred, albeit frequently the most costly so prepare your budget.
  • Wood Veneer – This is generally a much more cost-effective solution than real hardwood. A tiny surface of lumber is pasted to chipboard or alternative veneer foundation in this craft.
  • Plastics – Compared to others, these substances are blemish-free and low-maintenance and they are typically considered as inexpensive.
  • Metal – Metal is a sturdy element that can withstand a lot of harm. Nevertheless, due to the increased gloss, it highlights any mark and may demand the use of specific polishing products.
  • Stone – Limestone, crystal blend, and poured granite are types of marble tables. This is long-lasting, but it is weak and swiftly accumulates marks plus also expensive.

Out of these materials, I am encouraging you to go for wood.

Wood is a natural product with high tensile properties. The reduced volume of hardwood enables relocating the goods smoother. Woodworking furniture is inexpensive to produce and deal with.

In addition, it has a unique touch and texture to improve the design of your dining.

Best Type of Wood Table

If you’re looking for what type of wood is suitable for your space, Suar Wood, South American Walnut, American Black Walnut, Mahogany dining tables should be on your list.

Suar Wood

Suar Wood has a golden pale cambium layer and a darkened cocoa sapwood, leaving it robust, long-lasting, and extremely sturdy.

The duramen of shrubs and trees is particularly appreciated for dining tables for its chocolatey brown and elegant yet delicate pattern that mimics black walnut. Because the timber is more often merged, it is especially valued for its impact resistance. Thats the reason why it is excellent for  wooden table top.

Moreover, Suar Wood is vulnerable to pesticides and deterioration. It just requires adequate conservation, like detergent and warm water, for it to keep its appearance.

South American Walnut

This South American Walnut is sometimes interchangeably with Suar Woods. However, do not be fooled like me because they just somehow looked alike but there is a difference.

South American walnut hardwood has a greater solidity, is much more sturdy, and has a richer hue.

It boasts a yellow-brown alburnum that contrasts pleasantly with the blackish middle portion of the wood. The tree stump is characterized by the slopes and folds of the particles.

This is significantly more pricey compared to some wooden varieties. Bricks of South American Walnut are slimmer in comparison to Suar Wood.

American Black Walnut

American Black Walnut is a moderate to massive timber often employed in interior decoration. This type of wood seems to have been a favorite ideal alternative of timber for tables and chairs perfect for your dining area in recent centuries. The wood’s spectacular deep brown shade and interesting textures are also a fantastic complement to your household.

This vibrant border furniture is appropriate for use in the workplace or at residence as a dining table, boardroom table, or café interiors. It can function well as a gathering spot for delightful interactions with colleagues.

Genuine walnut wooden planks are combined to produce this one-of-a-kind lively scalloped hardwood block for drinking or dining ideal for your table.


Mahogany is a long-lasting timber that is widely employed for elevated, sophisticated decoration. The surface of the hardwood is charmingly delicate and linear.

It is generated in gigantic planks due to the thickness of the trunks. Which renders it excellent for employment as a central focus piece of wood.

Mahogany has a classic appearance and brings richness to the setting. Given adequate treatment, your mahogany reclaimed lumber could remain for decades.

Even woodcarvers are saying that dealing with mahogany is quite inexpensive. The structure of mahogany that you will admire is normally smooth, thin, and has no holes or cracks. Plus, its composition and sturdiness.

Commonly asked question about wood table tops:

How much does it cost to get a custom made table?

The budget range is broad, spanning from $200 to $10,000 based on different variables. The type, size and quality of wood will determine how much it costs.

What is the weight of a solid wood table top?

Dining tables might weigh from 180 to 250 pounds in general.

What is the best way to maintain a hardwood dining room table?

One of the simplest ways of preventing damage on your wooden tabletop is to use tabletop covers. You may protect your tabletop with some desk pads. It is both attractive and functional while offering broad safety.

You should also consider the disallowing of too much sunlight and any liquid interaction to your table.

How can I retain a glossy wood table?

Citrus oil can be used. A cheap polisher can be created by mixing 1 cup olive oil plus 1/4 cup white vinegar. Spread it onto a delicate sponge and dab it into the timber in the direction of the pattern.

Solid Wood Table Top Singapore

Have you decided what type of wood table you wish to see in your dinette?

Whatever it is, we know you made a thorough contemplation and came up with the right choice. Personally I would go for Suar Wood because the features are incredibly awesome to wow my future guests.

Nevertheless, any of them is worth the money. Enjoy your meal with your newly selected wooden dining table with your loved ones!


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