8 Tips for Creating a Backyard Shed to Relax In


Who says a shed needs to be there just to hold your odds and ends? Many people now make use of their backyards and build a living space, or a shed which they can relax in during the warm weather. Whether you already have a shed that you want to work on, or you need to build a new shed, here are eight top tips from Mediage LLC – Shedplans.org.

Keeping Cool

This is essential for any shed that you plan to spend a lot of time in, as they can heat up a lot in the warm weather. There are many ways you can cool your shed but if you want to stay eco-friendly, a ceiling fan is your best option. If you aren’t sure where to start with this, hire an electrician who can help.  Also make sure you understand the type of ceiling you have as well.

Create a Patio Area

When creating a beautiful space inside your shed, don’t forget to carry this on outside. Many people add a little patio area outside their shed to add an extra dining space. This can be the perfect place to enjoy your morning coffee with your partner, or on your own if you want some peace once the children are at school. You can purchase many outdoor dining sets, including tables and chairs. Don’t forgot to add a little flower pot and some cushions to really bring the space together.

Add Music

If you want to spend a lot of time outside, adding speakers to your shed means that you can listen to music both inside your shed and in your patio area. Purchase a pair of Bluetooth speakers and install them in your shed. All you need is an extension plug to bring your speakers to life or try purchasing a Bluetooth radio that you can power with rechargeable batteries. If you do use your shed as a creative area, music has been known to inspire and may aid you in creating some of your best work.

Allow Natural Light

Your new living and relaxing space will look so much better if you allow natural light inside. This natural light brings with it a soothing effect and therefore will help to improve your mood. Whether you plan to write in your new shed or nap, natural light brought to us by the sun is much more beneficial than artificial light. This also reduces the need for electrical lights when spending time in your shed through the day. If you’re unsure on how to add windows to your shed, these DIY shed plans have you covered. You can always add curtains if you want some privacy from time to time.

Use Your Shed for Your Hobbies

This shed is your space, so use it as you wish! There are many ideas out there if you need inspiration. Some people have turned their sheds into small cooking areas, so they can practice new recipes without getting in the way of others in their kitchen, whilst others use their shed as a yoga space. Whatever you want to use your space for, ensure that there is enough room and all the equipment you need is in place. Adding a desk and chair allows you to use this area to complete college work. If you work from home this could be your new inspired space to work in. Often, having an area away from the home is more inspiring and if it’s a space that you have made your own, you will want to go outside and work in it.

Add Hanging Lights

Hanging lights can really create a relaxing atmosphere, especially at night. Any outdoor space looks better with some hanging lights and they can be relatively inexpensive to buy. If you plan on spending any night times in your shed, find some energy-efficient and low-wattage hanging bulbs to add a soft glow. This can also double up as a romantic space in which to enjoy a meal with your partner if you haven’t had chance to go on date night. Most fairy lights can be powered by batteries, meaning you do not need to have an electrical output to light up your space. You can also purchase solar powered hanging lights, meaning you do not need to use electricity at all! You can find these at many outdoor stores or on marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay.

Add Color to Your Walls

Painting your shed is essential and can be the finishing touch to your new space. If you want this space to be a safe, calming haven, choose a calming color such as ocean blue, pale green, light gray or lavender. If this space is going to be a shared space, perhaps ask the children to help decorate the shed with different colors. If you’re an artist yourself and feel up to the challenge, why not make your new shed a masterpiece? This shed is what you want it to be, so adding color how you want is essential. You can always redecorate in a year or two if you fancy a change.

Don’t Forget the Plants

As this is an outdoor area, plants are a must. Once you have added furniture and painted your shed, adding plants can be a great way to bring your new outdoor space to life. You can add hanging plants, plants to the walls, or scatter plant plots around the space. If you have children or pets, using the shed walls to attach plant pots is a great way to add flowers that won’t get destroyed or eaten. Choosing plants with nice scents will further allow you to enjoy your space. If you aren’t sure which plants are best, check out this list of the best scented plants for your new shed.

You can turn your backyard shed into a haven in which you can escape the hustle and bustle of your home and it’s never been easier with these top tips.

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