8 Enjoyable Activities Made Possible Through Lawn Care


Home and lifestyle magazines typically have a section for lawns and gardens because there’s no denying that having a healthy expanse of green is an asset to life at home. And now that the cold of winter is nearing its end, a lot of homeowners are looking forward to making good use of their lawns and gardens.

However, to ensure you have a functional lawn, it’s imperative first to carry out appropriate lawn care, Springfield, MO lawn specialists advise fertilizing the soil, planting perennials, mowing or conducting a thorough cleanup, and implementing weed and pest control. With the warm temperatures at night, you can expect a lot of lawn issues to arise.

Once you have performed the necessary seasonal lawn care, then you can get to the fun. Listed below are eight activities that your family can enjoy once you have implemented all the lawn maintenance responsibilities for spring and summer.

1. Outdoor Dining

Have a late morning picnic, afternoon tea, or a dinner party with friends. When you start getting ideal weather, these are some of the best activities to have. Take advantage of the warm sun and the cool breeze, as well as the blossoming nature around through al fresco dining experiences.

This does not need to be a huge production all the time. Typically, all you have to do is clean up dust your outdoor furniture and have your meal on one spot of your manicured lawn under the shade of a big tree.

2. Outdoor Exercise

Wellness experts highly recommend taking your workouts outdoors. Breathe fresh air and savor the aroma of morning grass as you perform Tai Chi or Yoga. Use the big space you have to execute movements correctly.

Exercising in your garden or yard is a nice way to switch things up and also increase the benefits of the activity. Naturally, when you head outdoors to workout, you get showered with vitamin D to strengthen your bones and also boost the functioning of your immune system. And, if you decide to workout barefoot on grass, research reveals that this can improve sleep, reduce pain, lower stress, and decrease muscle tension.

3. Outdoor Reading

Family Fun Magazine suggests taking the activity of reading outdoors, especially for children who are still learning. Making your lawn or garden the location for the said activity can somehow lessen the pressure on young children to read everything correctly.

The green surroundings and the feel of the soft grass, the aroma of blossoming flowers, and even the buzzing of garden helpers never fail to activate children’s imagination. This makes children more engaged in reading, and they feel so much better about it. Therefore, keep your lawn well-maintained, comfortable, and safe for the little ones to hang out.

4. Backyard Camping

With school breaks up ahead, children will undoubtedly be looking for ways to enjoy the fantastic all-day weather, which is what camping requires. However, instead of heading up the mountains, which takes too much time, they can set up their own campsite right in the backyard.

A spot under a tree is perfect for a tent. Meanwhile, the fire pit right in the center of the yard is ideal for cooking hotdogs, s’mores, soup, as well as a bonfire. The best advantage of this kind of camping is, the kids get to have fun outdoors, but the conveniences of a house are all just a few steps away.

5. Growing Edibles

The spring is the prime time to plant edibles that can be harvested in the fall. You can grow everything from beans to root crops, gourds, okra, tomatoes, and others in a small patch of your lawn enclosed by concrete hollow blocks or bricks.

According to specialists in lawn care Nixa, MO locals turn to, growing edibles shouldn’t be too hard to do, especially if you were diligent with lawn care right at the onset of warm weather. The soil will be fertile with nutrients and well-watered, and there’ll be no weeds to compromise the usual speedy growth of garden edibles.

Aside from fruits and vegetables, consider growing edible flowers as well. Not only are they pretty, but they are quite nutritious too. These can be added to salads and other fresh dishes. Plus, if you can consume them as tea, you don’t even need to dry or dehydrate them.

6. Prayer or Meditation

A beautifully maintained lawn can serve as a peaceful sanctuary where you can have your daily devotions and prayer or meditations. Doing these spiritual activities outdoors can somehow make them more meaningful and satisfying. If you believe that a supreme being created the earth, it’s nice to express gratitude for life amid flourishing nature.

Also, if you think about it, a lot of meditation apps use outdoor sounds like flowing water, chirping of birds, the winds, and buzzing insects. All of these elements are usually present in lawns and gardens. Therefore, it’s a totally good idea to have your moment of prayer or meditation in the little piece of nature you have outside your house.

7. Sunbathing

If you don’t have the time to go to the beach to get a tan, do so in the comfort and privacy of your own backyard. Pull out a chaise lounge or set down a huge beach towel and just soak up the sun from 8 AM to 10 AM. Listen to some music, watch shows on your mobile device, and stay hydrated with a tall glass of refreshing beverage.

Or, you can bathe in the sun’s rays as you shower turf, plants, and even the little kids with water as a fun and functional activity.

8. Lawn Games

Vintage lawn games are all the rage again. Country Living Magazine featured penguin bowling, mini-golf, badminton, cricket, horseshoes, and corn sack in the hole as fun activities for households with a lawn.

These games can bring old and young together, and they’re fantastic ways to get young people to disconnect with technology, enjoy the outdoors and be physically active.

All these activities can definitely give your family a lot to look forward to during the warm seasons, so schedule professional lawn care now to make sure that your property’s outdoor space will be ready for all the fun you’ll be having.

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