Why Home Surge Protectors Can Save You Big Money


Surge protectors can be a powerful tool to protect your home. But let’s begin to discuss what exactly a search protector can and cannot do for your home. Power surges can happen from within your home and from the outside of your home.

A power surge generated from within your home can cause appliances or electronics to turn on and off. Power outages that generate from outside your home can be due to lightning strikes, surges in the power grid caused by malfunctions from your utility company.

How does a whole house surge protector work?

The surge protector device provides excellent protection against power surges of any kind.  You can use tvs diode as surge protector.  A house surge protector is generally connected to your electrical panel or sub electrical panel.

Installation of whole-home surge protector does a great job of protecting your home’s electronics and appliances. However, during more significant influxes of electricity from things like a lightning storm, there’s a chance that the whole house surge protector might not be sufficient enough.

Reasons to Install a Surge Protector

Most power surges are generated from within your house. They generally won’t ruin your electronics instantly, but what happens is over time the wear and tear causes issues with your appliances and electronic items.

One of the most important reasons to have a surge protector is in the event your power utility shuts your power. The big problem can happen when the power is turned back on. At that point, when the powers turn back on, it can cause a power surge to your home. Some of the most devastating things to happen in this case is a surge of electricity to your HVAC system or your expensive appliances. When this happens it can fry electronic components. During the rolling blackouts and wind generated black outs in California this frequently occurs.

Do you want to give the best protection you can to all of your electronics within your home? TVs, computers, fridge, and any other device you can think of are all pricey. If you have to replace those items, it could cost you a small fortune.

Professional installation

It’s essential to have a professional electrician to install your home surge protector. For just a fraction of what it would cost to replace one of your electronics, you can protect everything in your home. Most electricians will install this device for you for a few hundred dollars. In the event you have an electrician already at your home performing work they usually will offer a discount for installing one.

What Brands are the Best?

Most are all very good at protecting your home. Some are more sensitive and will pick up smaller surges before others. For protection and considering price these two are the best options at great prices.

  • Siemens FS140 Whole House Surge Protection Device
  • Square D by Schneider Electric HEPD80 Home Electronics Protective Device

If you have any further questions about surge protectors please contact your local electrician. They can perform a site visit and determine the best solutions for your home.

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