8 Effective Tips To Organize Your Junk Room & Enjoy Extra Space


Everyone has that one room in the house that ends up becoming a dumping ground for all unwanted items. You had so many plans for this extra room, and now it’s housing random boxes and holiday decorations. If you’ve neglected this room for long, there is a good chance that stuff is overflowing, and reclaiming this space may seem possible by disposing of this extra junk in your nearby landfill.

Have you been thinking about organizing the junk room but never get around to actually following up on your plans? Take this as a sign! In this post, we’re sharing some simple ways to reorganize your junk room and make the most of this extra space. Let’s get started.

  1. Find a Use

    Just organizing an overflowing room of junk is no one’s idea of a relaxing weekend. But instead of looking at it as a task, think of it as a project. How can you use this extra room? It can be your home office or extra closet space- the possibilities are endless. Finding a purpose for the room will give you a goal to work towards.

  2. Start Decluttering

    Rather than just moving around boxes in a jam-packed room, you should start decluttering. If you have a spacious hallway or a yard, then take everything out to see what all things you have.

  3. Don’t Keep Everything

    Are you a sentimental person who can’t even throw out an old box? This can make it difficult to get rid of unwanted items. Try to be strict with yourself and only keep the things you really need. And if you think you aren’t capable of that, then ask a friend or family member to hold you accountable.

  4. Take It Slow

    Dealing with a junk room is a marathon, not a sprint. So take it slow and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Instead of trying to do everything in a day, devote a few hours every day to sort out the room. It may take a bit longer, but it’s much easier to take it one day at a time.

  5. Come Up with a System

    Come up with a system to deal with all the things stored in the room. Start by getting four different bags or boxes and label them as ‘Throw Away,’ ‘Keep,’ ‘Maybe’ and ‘Sell.’ You can host a garage sale or use an online store to sell all the things you don’t need anymore. This is a great way to make some extra money for a complete room makeover.

  6. Deep Clean & Repaint

    Make sure you thoroughly clean the room before furnishing it. It’s also a good idea to give the walls a fresh coat of paint.

  7. Get Suitable Storage Solution

    Without the right storage solutions, the room will be back to being the official junk room. Find suitable storage solutions for the things to keep them organized. If you’re using the room to store things like seasonal decorations, then properly label and seal the boxes.

  8. Install Better Lighting Fixtures

    Outdated and dim lighting can make a room feel unwelcoming. Who wants to spend time in a poorly-lit room? To prevent the room from becoming a dumping ground again, install new lighting fixtures to properly illuminate the room. Are you anticipating an increase in your electricity consumption because of these new lighting fixtures? It would be best to compare electricity prices and switch to a better-suited plan.

The Bottom Line

Many people procrastinate when it comes to tidying up a junk drawer. So in comparison, a junk room is a significant project. It will likely feel stressful at first, but in the end, all your time and effort will pay off.

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