7 Types Of Carpets You Should Be Adding To Your Home


Carpeting can transform the look and feel of any room in your home. With so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which types of carpeting best suit your space and lifestyle needs. Certain carpets offer distinct benefits in terms of appearance, durability, and comfort underfoot. As you envision the carpeting for your home, here are seven excellent types to consider adding to create the perfect decorative foundation.

Plush Carpeting For Softness

When you picture traditional carpeting, a plush pile likely comes to mind. The dense, velvety surface feels ultra-soft under bare feet. Made from nylon, polyester, or olefin yarn, plush carpets come in endless color variations. A neutral shade can be a versatile backdrop in bedrooms or living areas. Or make a bold statement with vibrant hues. Just note that plush carpets show footprints and vacuum marks more easily. But the dreamy softness may outweigh minor drawbacks.

Saxony Carpets For Finely Textured Style

Saxony carpets feature a smooth, uniform texture created by two-ply yarns twisted together. Tightly packed twisted yarns lend a more tailored look compared to plush styles. Available in solids and multi-colors, Saxony is suitable for both formal and casual spaces. The dense pile hides footprints well. Cut-pile Saxony carpeting with short yarn tufts brings further dimension through light and dark contrasts. For those desiring understated elegance, Saxony supplies texture with refinement.

Friezé Carpet For Bounce And Durability

Do you desire carpeting with lively resilience underfoot? Consider a Friezé cut-pile style. The twisted yarn fibers give Friezé carpet extra bounce-back after being stepped on. Stiffer twisted yarns are less prone to matting and crushing, while the textured look hides dirt well. Made of nylon, wool, or polyester, Friezé suits high-traffic areas like family rooms and dens, holding up admirably to steady wear and tear. The lively texture energizes spaces.

Wool Carpeting For Natural Luxury

For those unconcerned with costs, wool carpeting achieves a pinnacle of luxury. Derived from sheep fleece, wool fiber feels indulgently soft and insulates rooms from noise. Wool naturally resists dirt, stains, and flame. Though expensive, its inherent longevity offsets costs over time. Wool carpeting lends timeless sophistication to formal living spaces and exudes comforting warmth in bedrooms. No other fiber achieves wool’s natural luxury and to keep it clean, contact professional carpet cleaning in North Indianapolis.

Patterned Carpet For Visual Interest

Patterns add flair to flooring. Geometric designs, floral motifs, oriental themes, and more get woven right into carpet fibers rather than being printed on. Patterned carpets establish visual rhythm and interest underfoot. Consider areas able to handle busier decor, like family rooms, kids’ bedrooms, and recreation spaces. Just take care to avoid overly loud, dizzying patterns in smaller rooms.

Berber Carpet For Flexible Versatility

With its low dense profile, Berber-style carpeting adapts well to varied decor. The level loop construction means yarn tufts are uncut, making Berber carpets durable and easy to clean. Neutral shades effortlessly coordinate with any style. Berber carpeting works equally well in modern, traditional, rustic, or eclectic homes. Its versatility also makes it easy to install wall-to-wall or mix and match with other flooring types.

Outdoor Carpeting For Alfresco Spaces

Don’t overlook carpeting outdoor living areas! Designed to withstand moisture and UV rays, outdoor carpeting is colorfast and mold-resistant. Synthetic turf carpets add vibrant green grass underfoot on patios, balconies, or poolside without maintenance. Courtyard carpets offer plush sensory appeal for garden seating areas. Bring carpeting’s softness and sound absorption outdoors.

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