6 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Roof Looking New


A roof is one of the most important assets of your home. It protects your family and belongings from exterior elements like rain, wind, and sun. To get the most out of your roof’s lifespan and keep it looking fresh, regular maintenance is crucial. Follow these six maintenance tips to keep your roof appearing new year after year. With some periodic roof care, you can prevent costly repairs down the line.

1. Inspect Annually And After Severe Weather

The number one maintenance tip is to inspect your roof at least once a year and after any major storms. Annual inspections allow you to spot minor damage early before it escalates into a leaky roof. Walk around your entire roof and use binoculars to get a close look. Check for missing, cracked, or curled shingles as well as excess buildup of debris. Also check roof flashing, vents, skylights, and valleys for issues. After severe weather like hailstorms, do a thorough inspection to spot any new damage the storm may have caused. Catching damage right away is key to preventing leaks.

2. Clear Debris In Fall And Spring

Remove fallen leaves, branches, and other debris from your roof at least twice a year during fall and spring cleaning. Debris traps moisture against the roof, which can damage shingles and lead to rot, mold growth, and leaks over time. Carefully sweep or use a leaf blower to remove debris, avoiding scraping that can harm shingles. Pay special attention to valleys and crevices where debris collects. Keep overhanging tree branches trimmed back so they don’t drop debris onto the roof. A debris-free roof looks cleaner and newer.

3. Repair Damage Promptly

If your inspections reveal any damage like punctures, missing shingles, or cracked flashing, make repairs right away before problems worsen. Replace missing or damaged shingles with new ones that match your existing shingles. Use roofing sealant or caulk to patch small holes. Larger holes may require cutting away old shingles and replacing that whole section. Repair split seams in roof flashing. Addressing issues now prevents longer-term damage that shortens your roof’s lifespan. Even if repairs seem minor, do not delay.

4. Clean Stains Sooner Than Later

Roof stains from mold, mildew, moss growth, and environmental factors can build up over time. The longer you let stains set in, the harder they are to remove. Routinely wash stains off your roof with a pressure washer and appropriate cleaning solutions suggested by Albuquerque roofing manufacturers. Wear protective gear when pressure washing. Scrub stubborn stains with a brush and rinse thoroughly. Repeat as needed until your roof looks bright and uniform again. Stay on top of cleaning so stains don’t permanently damage your roof.

5. Re-Coat Your Asphalt Shingles

To maintain weatherproofing and make your asphalt shingle roof look new longer, have it re-coated every 7-10 years. Re-coating involves applying a protective reflective coating over your existing asphalt shingles. Re-coating helps protect shingles from UV rays while restoring their flexibility and waterproof seal. It also gives a fresh new look that unifies the appearance of older, faded shingles. Re-coating can extend your roof’s lifespan significantly. Hire a professional roofer for best results with re-coating.

6. Keep Elements In Mind

Consider sun exposure, ventilation, and drainage patterns when maintaining your roof. If parts of your roof get excessive sun, they may need re-coating or cleaning more frequently. Improve attic ventilation to prevent moisture and heat buildup that accelerates roof aging. Keep gutters and downspouts clean so water drains properly away from the roof. Trim back overgrown trees providing shade to certain sections of the roof. Awareness of how elements impact your roof guides maintenance.

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