How to choose the best Perspex sheets for your project


Perspex sheets are an easy choice for plenty of DIY and larger construction projects. They are inexpensive, durable and attractive for both indoor and outdoor home renovations. When you are sourcing your perspex sheets, start by searching for “perspex sheets near me”. 

The choice of suppliers might be overwhelming so look to companies that have years of experience and a wide product range – like Plastic Warehouse – so you know you’re getting the best quality for the best price. 

Quality and price are two key considerations when you are buying perspex sheets, but there are others too – like the purpose and location of the sheets. 

What are you using the perspex sheets for? 

Is the acrylic sheet going to be used for a kitchen splashback? If so, it will need to be a different thickness to one that is going to be used as shelving or signage. 

Equally, the quality of your perspex will be different depending on its usage. If you are using the perspex sheet for a clear coffee table, you’ll want it to be the best clarity possible, whereas if you are using it as signage your focus will be on durability. 

Get familiar with your requirements before you make your decision on which perspex sheets you need for your project, so when you’re given a multitude of choices you can stay focused and make the right decision. 

What is your project’s budget? 

Perspex sheets are reasonably inexpensive, especially when compared to glass. Coupled with being far more durable and lightweight, perspex sheets are an obvious choice for your project. 

But all projects have budgets, and there’s a price range of perspex sheets. It will cost more if you need a custom-size perspex sheet cut and the thickness will also impact price. 

Have you done your research? 

When you’re deciding which perspex sheets are right for your project, spend some time comparing the prices, colours and sizes. If possible visit a showroom so you can see the clarity of the sheets and feel their weights. 

You should also request samples from the plastic supplier so that you can take them to where you will be using them and look at the colour. 

Finding niche plastic products, like interesting tints or custom sizes, can be tricky in Australia – Plastic Warehouse is an online supplier of a variety of kinds of plastic, who have an easy-to-use website that you can use to find exactly what you need. 

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