6 Reasons Why a Therapy Dog Will Complement Your Home


Animal-assisted therapy, or ‘pet therapy’, has become a popular approach among mental health specialists and counselors. It’s an approach that uses animals, mostly dogs, for providing support for people suffering from both physical and mental health problems. They are also called ‘emotional support pets’ because of their calming and therapeutic effect. They are trained to be clean, well-tempered, and obedient. Having a therapy dog at home could change your whole home life, and we’ll tell you exactly why they do so.

A Source of Comfort 

The whole point of having a therapy dog is to have it offer comfort in stressful situations. That’s why they are used in nursing homes, hospitals, and schools. They are perfect if you lead a stressful life juggling work or school with chores and other commitments. So after coming home from a long, exhausting day, they will be a source of peace and quiet. Therapy pets are especially useful for those who suffer from mental disorders like depression, anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks, or phobias. These dogs are trained to sense when you are in distress and offer support in effective ways. Having them around has proved to decrease the stress hormone; cortisol, and instantly induce a state of relaxation.

They Bring Loads of Energy

If you’re looking to make your home come alive, then having a therapy dog will do the trick. It is like spreading joy all over your furniture. They are constantly excited and energetic, they will have you running around the house with them. Forget about coffee, it’s the best energy boost at the beginning of your day or whenever you’re feeling lazy and unmotivated. It’s proven that only the act of petting a dog releases all the happy hormones in your brain. A therapy dog will make your home feel more fun and keep you entertained.

Your Home Away From Home

It’s true, having a therapy dog can do so much for your home. But after a while, the dog itself will become your home away from home. You’ll develop a one of a kind bond that will make you feel like you need to take it everywhere with you. The best thing about therapy dogs is that you actually can. Since they are ideal for situations that could be stressful, it has become popular to bring a therapy dog on a plane ride after the necessary procedures. The ESA specialists of Therapetic claim that there are certain steps you need to go through in order to obtain an ESA letter, but if you qualify it shouldn’t be an issue. Having this letter can help you have your dog with you in any ‘no pets’ housing or planes. You won’t ever have to worry about being away from your fur baby who makes anywhere feel like home.

It’s Good For Your Health 

Can you imagine that having a therapy dog at home will make you physically healthier? It’s true. Research shows that the joy they bring can lower your blood sugar and cortisol levels. It also reduces any risk of heart disease mainly because having a dog means more exercise for you. Dogs need to be walked multiple times a day, meaning you’ll have a more active lifestyle, and maybe it’ll even prompt you to turn it into a workout. Many owners go running with their therapy dogs since they help improve motor skills and give you motivation with their contagious energy.

It Will Keep You on a Leash

Dogs put you on a leash just as you do to them, they force you to maintain a daily routine that mostly revolves around them. When you have a therapy dog at home, it means you’ll develop a routine consisting of taking care of them; feeding, grooming and walking. This brings a sense of peace and comfort to your life, especially if you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks. Activities like grooming and brushing your dog will help take your mind off things and relax. These things also help you build an unbreakable bond with your dog.

Your Guests Will Love It

Get ready to be hosting a lot of your friends and family at your home because your doorbell will be always ringing when you have a therapy dog. They will be a great conversation starter and entertainment for your guests who can play with them and just enjoy their energy at the house. Being a dog owner is bound to get you to meet new people whether it’s at your walks or the pet store, so prepare yourself to make new friends and have them over for playdates with your dog. Don’t worry though, therapy dogs are also known to boost your self-confidence and social skills.


If all of this hasn’t convinced you to start planning to get a therapy dog,  we don’t know what will! You will have made a lifetime friend who you can do everything with at home from cleaning or just watching TV, or outdoors like running errands or meeting friends. You’ll never feel alone again and with all the craziness of life, it’ll be nice to come home to a creature who is always there for you and loves you unconditionally. 


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