5 Tips to Keep Your Pool Ready This Summer


Summer’s here! Who’s ready for some fun?

There are so many reasons to be excited about summer, and for some of us, it’s the fact that we get to legit stay by the poolside, soaking in some tan, intermittently swimming in the pool and basking in the glory of…everything.

Let’s talk about your pool. I know how ready you are for summer, but is your pool ready? If your pool is dirty, unkempt, and overall, doesn’t seem like a good representation of you, you might need to take a crash course in getting your pool ready for the summer of 2021. But the best option is to contact the most trusted service provider of professional pool deck repairs at paradigm concrete.

Shall we begin?

1. Skim, Scrub- and then Skim, Scrub again

When you think of how much skimming of the debris and leaves off a pool’s surface, and scrubbing of the poolside to prevent the build-up of algae, is required on a weekly basis, it’s enough to make you resign on the idea of ever having a clean, enviable pool.

Don’t give up just yet; as the best robotic pool cleaners compare favorably, and beat hands down, manual pool cleaning methods.

As well, add adequate amounts of chlorine to the water so it can eat up the algae (Bonus tip: fill an old sock with chlorine and allow it seat atop areas with annoying stains, it helps with cleaning!)  If you need additional help check out Stilus Design and Construction.

2. Your Pool Filter is Eager to Excrete Toxic Stuff

Akin to human kidneys, a pool’s filter is always itching to be the outlet for toxic stuff- impurities, out of the water.  You can also consider looking at Automatic pool covers as a great option.

You could turn off the filter, remove the filter cap that’s found on the pool deck, take out the filter basket and remove all debris, before putting everything back in its place- or your robotic pool cleaner could do that for you.  Also make sure you have a solid solution like a pentair pump for your pool.

3. Keep the Pool’s Chemicals at a Constant Level, and Shock When Necessary

Owning a pool is really commendable if only for the amount of effort you have to put into maintaining it.

A good example of this mental effort is keeping the chemical levels at a constant level. You know those pools that are disgusting to the sight with murky-looking water that irritates your skin and hands? Yes, they are likely to have improperly balanced chemical levels. You need to balance your pool for free chlorine, cyanuric acid, acidity/alkalinity, calcium hardness, and total alkalinity levels.

All of this can be achieved when you buy testing kits from a pool store and fill a kit with a sample of your pool water. Check the color of your pool water against the required color, and adjust pool chemicals as required. Quite a test in chemistry, right?

If the pool chemicals are way too expensive for you, you could use baking soda- it works quite well too!

Also keep an eye on the pool’s water level, ensuring it is about halfway through the opening of your skimmer.

4. Tennis Balls Absorb Oils

I bet you didn’t know that. Now you have a very valid idea to keep a tennis ball by your pool, asides it being good for pool games.

These tennis balls are made of fibers that are oil-absorbent; this means your pool no longer needs to have that undesirable sheen of oil floating over it, and you really don’t have to do any work- leave it to the tennis ball!

5. Shiny Pool Decks and Power Washing go hand-in-hand

An amazing pool, when paired with a drab pool deck makes quite a distracting combination (and not in a good way).

Keep your pool deck shining by giving it a good power wash every now and then. It helps get rid of rust and weather stains.

Wrapping Up

You really don’t need to spend a fortune to have your pool in tip-top shape, by employing the simple tips in this article, you’ll have your pool move up the ranks from a 4 to a 9.5!

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