5 Tips To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Swimming Pool


A dip in a swimming pool offers peace of mind and relief during hot summer days. But what if your pool has turned into a mosquito sanctuary?  How do you effectively keep mosquitos away from pool?

There is no way you can enjoy your pool time if you’re continuously scratching your skin & trying to get rid of those red little bugs that can even pose a major health threat to you and your family.

So, how to keep your pool area enticing to your family and downright unfriendly to mosquitoes?

Follow 5 tips to keep flying bugs away from your pool:

1. Cover your pool when not in use

When not in use, cover your pool with a high-quality pool cover or pool enclosure.  They make your pool water unappealing to buzzing bugs & also restrict them to take a dip into your pool.

Moreover, it’s important to regularly clean your pool accessories to keep them functional for a longer period of time. For instance, during the rainy season, remove standing water that may gather on the top of the cover to avoid unnecessary mosquito breeding.

A quality pool cover also serves many purposes such as heats your pool, reduces evaporation, safeguards your kids, and saves money on energy bills. 

2. Maintain your landscape

Damp leaves, rotten branches, and wet grass provide an open buffet invitation to mosquitoes.


It’s very important to take care of your landscape. Some of the maintenance tips to follow are:

  • Trim grass clippings
  • Get rid of fallen leaves & twigs
  • Regularly clean areas that stay moist, such as the area below your pool deck
  • Cover tress holes with expanding foam
  • Cut overgrown grass and hedge
  • Keep your yard clean and tidy
  • Avoid over-watering your plants
  • Fill in all areas of your landscape that stay damp

3. Remove all sources of standing water

Standing water is the most attractive breeding ground for mosquitoes. During the wet season, regularly examine your backyard to find places where water may accumulate. 

Potential areas can be puddles, birdbaths, buckets, plant pots, and plastic covers. Once you find the target areas, take the following preventative measures:

  • Clear storm drains and gutters
  • Put larvicide into suspect water
  • Clean any empty flower pots or containers
  • Regularly change the water of birdbaths, wading pools, and rain barrels
  • Regularly run the pool filter

Apart from above,  keep all water features such as fountains in motion to prevent the growth of mosquitoes.

4. Regular pool cleaning and maintenance 

Regular pool cleaning is the best way to make your pool area uninhabited for mosquitos. 


Some of the pool care tips to follow are:

  • Run the pool pump for water circulation
  • Regularly clean your filter and skimmer
  • Shock the water regularly
  • Dump any dead leaves from the surface of your pool
  • Balance all pool chemical levels
  • Once a week, brush the floor and walls of your pool

Follow the maintenance schedule to keep your pool clean, clear, and bug-free throughout the year. 

5. Invest in an automatic misting system

Install an automatic misting system that sprays an insecticide mist to create a line of defense all-around your pool.

This system consists of a series of sprays, kept every 10 to 15 feet around the circumference of your backyard. You can hang the nozzles from fences, trees, or on stakes. 

Regular misting eliminates mosquitoes and gives mental peace and protection to you and your family.

Pro tip: This method may have health and environmental risks. So, before installing this system, check your state’s policies about the insecticide you want to use.

In the end…

Above all,  building a swimming pool is one of the worthy property investments. Don’t invite mosquitoes into your yard and let them spoil your pool fun. 

Follow any of these tips to avert an entire swarm of flying bugs so that you can enjoy a bug-free swimming pool party this summer. 

Enjoy Swimming!

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