Garden Wall Ideas and Installation Cost


Brick walls serve many purposes, from holding a foundation in place to protecting property areas from sliding soil. Furthermore, they can also be used to draw property boundaries. Brickwork enhances the home exterior landscape, so homeowners are often looking for stunning brick walls.

If you are considering building a garden wall, you are probably wondering how much money you will have to set aside for this. The average cost for a garden brick walls can range anywhere from £800- £1,200. The final price will depend on the materials, thickness, length, and wall strength. The typical height of a garden brick wall is between 1-2 meters. If you need a longer fence than the price increases. Approximately cost for a brick garden wall, which is 4m long x 1m high. is around £70, while for the same high and by 12m long wall you will have to set aside £1,400.

Garden brick walls prices

Size of the wall;   thickness;    average cost;  duration

1m high x 4m long  single skin     £700         1.5 day
1m high x 8m long  single skin     £1100       2 day
1m high x 12m long  single skin    £1450      2.5 day
1m high x 4m long  double skin    £800        2 day
1m high x 8m long  double skin    £1250      2.5 day
1m high x 12m long  double skin   £1550      3 day

Although brick is one of the most economical materials to build a wall with, the price can be twice as high if thicker or stronger materials are used.

Brick is one of the most popular options, but since there are different varieties of brick, like reclaimed bricks, prices can go very high. Although brick is the most popular choice, there are also other materials to build your garden walls. All of them have different benefits, including endurance, stability, strength, and aesthetics. Prices between these materials vary so a difference of £100 is possible between certain materials.

  • Bricks              £55-£310
  • Concrete          £45-£55
  • Natural stone   £65-£130
  • Facing bricks    £55-£80
  • Sandstone       £70-£130
  • Flint                 £100-£130
  • Coping            £15-£75 Per Metre
  • Slate               £100-£160

Brick is a reliable construction material with a long lifespan. From brick walls, you can expect good performance and strong construction. It is a great material for a traditional aesthetic. Building your brickwork usually requires expert and labour.

Supply costs

The cost of materials for 1m x 4m double skinned brick wall is around £160, and it includes cement, bricks, sand, and plasticiser.

  • Bricks £125 for 236 engineering bricks
  • Plasticiser £5-£10
  • Cement £13 for 3 25kg bags
  • Sand £23 for 9 25kg bags

There are several types of materials available for construction, making it easy to complete the job for even the tightest budget.

If the wall is completely straight and not too high, you can probably DIY even if you have minimum experience, but in the case that the wall is curve or high more than one meter, then it is a difficult job, and you are going to need professional construction service.

These are approximate costs, and each of them can be lower or higher, which depend on the place where you buy the material as well as the company you hire.

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