5 Things You Should Consider when Choosing Asphalt Paving Contractors


Maybe the seasonal changes have caused the ground to shift, cracking your driveway. Or it is simply worn down from heavy use and abuse. Regardless of the reason, you want to repair or replace your pavement. But before you do, you have to make sure that you choose a contractor that will do a good and durable job for a reasonable price. Here are five things you should consider when choosing asphalt paving contractors.

Fair Prices

You should work with a paving contractor who offers fair, competitive pricing. Seek multiple quotes and go with the company that gives you a reasonable estimate, as well as high-quality work and service. Don’t go with the lowest bidder since they will either tack on extra charges at the end to pay for the work they’re doing or they’ll do poor quality work.

Another trick is using low-quality asphalt that won’t look as good nor last as long as high-grade asphalt. An additional risk you’re taking is that they won’t have sufficient crew to do the work. If they’re trying to save money by being understaffed, the work will take longer, and they may cut corners to finish the job.


You should read honest reviews to get an idea of the company’s reputation. Ignore the testimonials on their website. Instead, read their reviews on a variety of websites. Two places you could start for contractors is Angie’s list and the BBB.  See if they have done large jobs like highway paving as well.

Well-known Minneapolis asphalt contractors like Alpine Asphalt, for instance, have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and an A rating with Angie’s List, which is a clear sign that they’re truly well-regarded and dedicated to quality.

If you see a business with a poor score, take the time to read the negative reviews for issues to ask them about. Ask those around you for their opinion of the contractor, too. Their experiences, whether positive or negative, are the most honest assessment you can get.


One tactic that companies use to get around negative reviews is to set up shop under a new name. This means you should avoid using brand-new paving contractors in favor of one that has been around for a while. Another factor to consider is their experience with a project like yours. Don’t hire someone who typically pours driveways and patios to repair your large parking lot.

The best asphalt paving companies have a sizable team. They’ll have anywhere from five to eight people in the crew, each well-trained and experienced in working with asphalt. They should have all the necessary equipment as well including asphalt melter.  You don’t want to hire an asphalt company that hires people off the street who don’t know what they’re doing.

Licensing and Insurance

Do not work with contractors if they don’t have the appropriate local and state licenses. Nor should you work with asphalt contractors who are not insured or bonded. You can’t afford to take the change that they’ll do a bad job and you’re stuck with the repair costs.


Use the right set of criteria and take the time to vet contractors carefully before you choose anyone. And don’t go for a cheap job either if you don’t want to be reminded every time you drive over a pothole or trip on a crack in your new driveway.

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