Three Valuable Home Renovations Worth Your Every Penny


Homeownership is not just an American dream; it’s a basic need and a common aspiration anywhere else. You are fortunate to have a place you can call your own.

In addition to combating wear and tear, you can make improvements to your house. However, not all home makeover projects are right on the money. Some renovations provide more value to your home than others and are thus more financially sound for homeowners. Look into these projects that may help you recoup your expenses and net you higher gains.

What Makes a Home Valuable?

A home is an investment. The goal is to sell it for profit for cash flow, retirement, travel, college education, and more. To that end, you have to improve, refurbish, renovate, or remodel the place to enhance its market value and make it attractive to homebuyers and shoppers.

These improvements answer the question.

1. Bathroom Renovation, Remodeling, and Addition

Bathrooms spell convenience and top any home buyer’s checklist. The better the bathroom’s condition is, the more comfortable your family and future owners will be.

  • If your bath looks ancient with broken or dated fixtures, dirty grout lines, and narrow shelves, consider renovating to restore its original appearance.
  • You can also transform any ordinary bathroom with better lighting (thanks to chandeliers), upgrade space with upcycled cabinets, and create a roomier experience with frameless mirrors.
  • An extra bathroom is a welcome comfort. Make Sanibest Pro the centerpiece of your new shower and bath with its system that connects the sink, shower, or washing machine (indirectly) to the macerating unit. It serves as a viable, cost-effective alternative to traditional toilet systems with their attendant plumbing and flooring works.

2.  Bedroom Conversion

More bedrooms mean more personal space and storage for a growing family. But don’t tear down walls yet. Opt to convert an existing, unused space (e.g., garage, attic, or basement) into a new bedroom complete with a bathroom, as noted above.  If you are on a budget and would like to make the extra bedroom look fancy, you can always add a simple wooden elements that you can engrave with a laser cutter machine. There are a lot of cool ideas you can find on the internet.

Building an extension from scratch costs more and involves consulting with a contractor for the structural integrity and your realtor for the viability of the decision given the type of homes in the neighborhood and their market.

3. Curb Appeal

The landscape around your home sets the stage for an initial and often lasting impression on your home. If you haven’t, trim the shrubs, care for your lawn, and replace any broken or dim lighting fixtures.

Transform your porch and garden into places for laid-back afternoons and staycations. Set up furniture pieces like lounge chairs, tables, and a white sofa that make the space cozy and inviting.

Renovations and a Mold-Free Home

Consult with an appraiser to assess the areas in your home that you can renovate to boost the overall home value. You can anchor your decision based on the appraisal and talks with the local assessor, the builder, and real estate agent.

Then you can start the actual renovation. In the course of the work, you or your contractors may have found molds growing in your house. These spores thrive because of water or moisture, as EPA notes. To confirm their existence, take out your mold testing kit, and send the samples to the lab for checking. You might have to do a cleanup, removal or remediation.

Don’t underestimate mold growth; they can pose health threats to your family and can cause buyers to back out of the deal as lenders are strict about the condition of the property that serves as collateral to the loan.

Take care of your home; it is valuable in itself.

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