5 Design Ideas for Your Bedroom with A Murphy Bed


Coming up with a design idea for your home can be quite overwhelming. Even more challenging would be upgrading and/or renovating a small bedroom that requires optimizing space without sacrificing comfort and style. Space-saving, hideaway Murphy beds have become a popular solution to limited spaces in many modern homes, and the demand for them is increasing.

Consider these 5 design ideas for your bedroom with a Murphy bed that integrates comfort, innovation, and style. For some of the best Murphy beds, visit SleepingOcean and check out what they have to say about this space-saving furniture.

1. By-the-Books Guest Bedroom

This is a modern design library that converts into a guest room when the murphy bed is pulled down. Underneath the bed is additional storage for more books and other belongings, while the overhead wall is decorated with a painting when the bed is brought down.

This design is ideal for families with teenagers who need a quiet room to study or with a collection of books to store.

The under-bed can also be converted into a study table when lifted where your child can concentrate and free of distractions while doing his homework or attending his online classes.

2. Playroom

A playroom will always be an exciting area for families with little children. It is where kids keep and store and play with all their toys and are in their little world where they can be independent and learn things while having fun. It will be great to be able to pull down a murphy bed when the kids get tired from playing and have a restful sleep.

A Murphy bed that has storage underneath will be a good place for the kids’ toys, books, and gadgets. Likewise, it can be made into your kid’s art table where he can practice writing, drawing, and study his school lessons.

3. Bunk Bed

A bunk bed is a great set up for siblings sharing the same room. Since there will be more than one person in a room, there is a need for more storage cabinets and areas for personal spaces. A multi-functional Murphy bed that transforms into shelves or study tables or storage bins will keep things organized, or be used as extra benches for their visiting friends.

Murphy beds are highly customizable that it can also be made into a wardrobe cabinet or shoe cabinet for easy stacking of clothes and other personal belongings. Murphy beds look great in any room whether in use or folded.

4. Double-Duty Home Office

The clients of designer Jennifer Jones opted for a home office space that has a murphy bed to accommodate guests who may have a sleepover. The murphy bed folds up into more built-in storage boxes without taking up more space.

The dual-purpose room is a cozy and relaxing nook that allows you to concentrate on work when deadlines are coming.

It is an ideal room to have at home to separate you from playing with kids, be away from any distractions, and even have a space for a co-worker should there be a need to work with you for extended hours.

5. Cottage Studio with a Murphy Bed

A 650-square feet studio had a murphy bed to maximize its very limited space. The designer chose a murphy bed that can be stored vertically and hidden or concealed by an oversized door when not in use.

The use of a Murphy bed allows the studio to have extra communal space. It also makes the room look bigger when folded. Or the extra space can be your work out area. It’s all about being able to maximize every space in your home.

Your bedroom is your haven and personal space. You must be creative in making design choices that blend well with the rest of the areas in your home without sacrificing comfort. It should give you a peaceful, calm, and restful space after a hard day’s work.

Keep in mind that there are innovative approaches to fit each of your needs into a small room. Consider these 5 interior design tips for decorating small spaces.

If you come up with the appropriate design ideas for your home or bedroom, it is possible to make it functional and tasteful at the same time. A good plan is more just than stuffing your room with all the fancy furniture you can buy. It’s about how you put everything together that will reveal how effective and efficient your plan is. To help you achieve your desired look and feel, visit 3 simple design tips to enhance any home.

Murphy bed has come a long way since its invention. In this modern time where the practicality of living tiny is becoming acceptable, where the desire to keep things organized and tidy is quite a challenge, where smart living has become a necessity, Murphy bed’s popularity may fade and comeback over the years, but its amazing benefits will remain and continue to be an inspiration in creating furniture that provides comfort and convenience. It will always be a good addition to any home.



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