7 DIY Tips and Tricks for Proper Carpet Cleaning at Home

Despite the wide variety of residential flooring products available today – laminate, bamboo, tile, vinyl, wood, stone, and cork – rugs remain extremely popular.

One reason people love rugs, in addition to their warmth and softness is that they require less maintenance and upkeep than hard surface flooring. Frequent vacuuming and occasional deep scrubbing is all that is required to keep your carpet looking new and fresh.

A properly cleaned and maintained carpet will last twice as long. That’s why from Major Carpet Cleaners, we bring you 7 tips and tricks for carpet repair and cleaning.

1. Always dry

If you have spilled something on the carpet, take a clean cloth or paper towel and gently dry from the outside in to remove as much moisture as possible. Don’t be tempted to rub or scrub, as this will only spread the stain further.

2. Keep Store Bought Stain Remover Away

Without naming any names, we’ve seen firsthand the damage many of these products do. Not only are they ineffective, they also cause damage to carpets and fabrics that cannot be repaired. If you’re unsure about using a particular product, make a mixture of mild vinegar and water or just use plain water to safely clean your carpet.

3. Remove the wax

We all love using candles in our homes, but what happens if you drop a little wax on your carpet? At first it may seem impossible to remove the wax from the carpet without removing a handful of fibers, but it can be easily removed by applying heat. Simply place a smooth cloth on the carpet where the wax is and put a hot iron on top to soften the wax. Then use a dull knife to scrape it off the surface of the carpet.

4. Vacuum regularly

It is always a good idea to vacuum your carpet every few days. Regular vacuuming removes dust and dirt which, if not removed, will sink to the bottom of the carpet and degrade the fibers. Not only does your carpet look better after vacuuming, it will also extend its life. Also be sure to check out services like this great mount barker carpet cleaner and others.

5. Invest in protection

Carpet Protection helps prevent stains from penetrating the fibers of carpets and upholstery, making them easy to remove. It also prevents dry soil from sticking to the carpet and becoming abrasive. If you’ve spent the money on an expensive rug, it’s worth spending a bit more on a protector.

6. Follow the correct procedure to remove stains

  • Using a paper towel or clean white cloth, blot up what you can see of the spill immediately.
  • Continue blotting the stain with dry cloths until as much of the stain as possible has disappeared from the surface.
  • Make a mixture of fresh water and white vinegar in the ratio 4:1 respectively.
  • Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray it on the affected area, little by little
  • Blot the area again to remove excess moisture and repeat the process again until all the stain is gone
  • Lay kitchen towels over the area and put something heavy on top of the towels to absorb moisture and help dry the carpet.
  • Leave it for a couple of hours before removing the tea towels. If the stain is no longer visible and has not transferred to the tea towels, then it has been removed successfully. If there are still signs of the stain, call a professional carpet cleaner in sydney.

7. Book Regular professional Carpet Cleaners in Sydney

  • If you have a family and your carpets are walked on regularly, then a very good option is to invest in a professional carpet cleaning annually, or if you have pets, then every six months it may be necessary. If it’s only you, once every 18 months should be enough. You will be surprised how this makes a difference in your home.
  • Leaving it too late before cleaning the carpet can damage the carp fibers and make it more difficult to clean.
  • If your carpet needs a professional cleaning, call the experts, like the ones at Major carpet cleaners in Sydney. Just follow the link and get a free , personalized carpet repair quote in Sydney without any commitment.