5 Advantages Of Having New Impact Windows And Doors


Replacing your home’s old windows and doors with new impact-resistant models offers numerous benefits beyond protection from extreme weather events. If you live in an area prone to hurricanes or heavy storms, impact windows and doors are a smart investment. Here are 5 key advantages new impact-rated products provide:

Enhanced Protection From Storm Damage

Impact-resistant windows and doors are engineered to withstand the high winds and flying debris that accompany powerful storms, from hurricanes to tornados. They are tested to meet strict standards set by the Florida Building Code, the Texas Department of Insurance, and other agencies. Impact windows and doors in Florida feature laminated or tempered glass designed to prevent shattering. Impact doors are reinforced with steel or composite materials. When installed properly, the entire window-door system works together to create a resilient barrier against storm damage. Impact products help safeguard your home from costly repairs. To know more about door security for storms and hurricanes, read the guide on How to Secure Front Door From Hurricane.

Improved Energy Efficiency

With their multi-layered construction, newer impact windows offer significantly better energy efficiency than single-pane models. The insulated glass has properties to reflect heat away from your home and reduce solar heat gain. Well-sealed window frames prevent air leakage. Increased insulation leads to lower energy costs from less demand for heating and cooling. Over time, the energy savings from replacing drafty old windows with new impact-rated windows can be substantial. Going green while also strengthening your home’s structure makes this upgrade environmentally friendly.

Reduced Outside Noise

Impact glass has excellent sound-dampening properties. The layered glass prevents outside noise from traffic, neighbors, construction, and other disturbances from permeating into your living spaces. A peaceful and quiet ambiance contributes to an improved quality of life. Those living near airports or busy roads will especially appreciate how well impact windows block excessive noise pollution. Your home becomes an oasis from the hustle and bustle of the world when you install soundproof impact windows.

Added Curb Appeal

Replacement impact windows and doors greatly enhance the aesthetics of your home’s exterior. The sleek, modern designs give your house an updated, contemporary look. Grids, tints, and hardware options allow you to match any architectural style. Added insulation makes glass panes thicker for a richer appearance. Impact entry doors make a gorgeous new first impression. This visible upgrade improves the streetside appeal and can boost your home’s resale value. Protecting your home can also make it more beautiful.

Increased Safety And Security

Impact windows and doors provide a major security upgrade over flimsier models. Their rugged construction acts as a deterrent and barrier to intruders. Reinforced frames anchored with hurricane clips are difficult to force open. The laminated glass prevents easy break-ins. Updated locks and hardware add kick-in resistance. Impact products offer peace of mind knowing your family and possessions are better protected. Home insurance discounts are often available for installing these protective systems too.

The right impact windows and doors secure your home without compromising aesthetics or comfort. Consult with qualified local installers to determine the ideal impact-rated products for your home. The investment will pay off for years through energy savings, added beauty, improved safety, less noise, and greater resilience from extreme weather. Protecting your house from storm damage provides the whole family invaluable security and peace of mind.

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