How to Secure Front Door From Hurricane (5 Unique Tips )

Imagine if the windstorm and flood from a hurricane hits your home at its weakest links, like your front door; what might happen? It can destroy your home inside out!

It’s needless to say that if you live near a coastal area, the fickle weather can be tough on the outside of your home. So for your front door to stand upright even in the worst of calamities, manufacturers have come up with products like Storm Doors, Storm Shutters, Plywoods, and High impact Resistant Glasses! So why not try and upgrade your door to prepare against unexpected break-ins?

Let’s get started by discussing how to secure the front door from the hurricane.

How To Secure Front Door From Hurricane When It Approaches:

So how will you secure the front door from the hurricane with just a few tools and some hardware changes? Well, we will give you some efficient tips above!

1. Using Heavy Duty Door Hinges and Bolts

The first thing you want to do is fix the door hinges and bolts because they hold the door to the wall frame and make the door jamb. In this case, it’s better to use shorter bolts than the longer ones, as short bolts make the junction sturdier.

Again, heavy-duty frames will withstand the damages better and enhance your security to the next level.

Keep in mind; low-quality door hinges make a squeaky door that makes a noise always while it closes and opens to trouble your happy life. So, you must need the lubricants for door hinges to tackle this noisy environment.

2. Boarding Up Your Front Door With a Plywood

It is a great option to make your door durable and tough. Plywood is manufactured from natural timber veneer sheets. The laminates in the plywood run at different angles vertically and horizontally, giving the thickness and strength required. Cross graining helps to resist splits on the wood and makes it hard to bend.

In addition, it protects your house from flying debris. The ply being durable, can stand up against storms and wind better than any other wood, which makes it a popular choice among homeowners.

3. Installing a Storm Door

These are additional doors to a home’s front entrance providing an extra layer of defense to your main entrance. The doors take the repercussions of the hail and rain that can damage your pricey exterior door.

It’s a cost-effective solution as the extra gate will increase the lifespan of your front doors and reduce the amount of maintenance you’ll have to perform on your door. Storm doors also add another level of protection to your home. The energy-efficient doors act as an insulator and prevent air leaks.

4. Using Storm Shutters

Now, if you have a front door designed with glass, you can use a storm shutter to protect the glass. These roll-up or accordion screens are typically made out of corrugated steel or aluminum and have an h-header at the top and bottom to slide.

Once you install it, you can put it up in a short time as the storm approaches. In addition to storm protection, you will also get protection from harmful UV rays.

5. Switching to Hurricane Impact Resistant Glasses

Designed for glass doors, these consist of two glass sheets bonded with a built-in protective membrane that is insulated. The heavy-duty and sturdy glasses can stand to wind up to 200 mph!

After doing the durability test, we have found out that if any flying object hits, the glasses will have a splinter without completely breaking down. Basically, it will shatter like your car glass, but you won’t get any holes in your door.

Not to mention, you need to clean up odds and ends, the waste materials from around your house so as they are not projected towards your home during the storm. And to prevent water leaks underneath the door during a flood, you can line up sandbags on the inside of your door.

Final Thoughts

Behind our ‘not so remarkable’ front door lies our own little world, which we want to shield at any cost. It will require a little of our time and effort to upgrade our front door against catastrophes, but don’t you think it’s worth it?

If your query is on how to secure the front door from the hurricane in the best possible way, we would recommend you install a storm door. These might cost a bit but need low maintenance.

Also, you can keep your house bug-free and water-resistant and increase air circulation. At the same time, an affordable and eco-friendly solution is plywood. Keep in mind; proactive preparation is the optimum tactic.

We all share the basic instinct to feel safe. Building our home as a fortress of safety would take constant labor. The little effort on your door before the hurricane season will be a great investment for the future of your home security.