3 Seemingly Minor Signs that Your Home Could Have Major Plumbing Issues


We usually think that plumbing issues will show obvious signs, like a tap that keeps on dripping, a noisy toilet, or a slow drain, but some major issues are more silent than others. Once these begin to manifest, you must act quickly before you end up with a disaster on your hands. Let’s take a look at some seemingly minor signs that your home could have major plumbing issues and what you can do about them.

Discoloration on Pipes

Next time you’re under the kitchen sink or poking around in the basement, make sure to give your pipes a good visual inspection. If you notice signs of discoloration, this might be cause for concern, especially if it’s around a union joint. This is usually a sign that moisture is accumulating there, and it could be because of a leaking drain line or sink, or because of something more serious like slow leaks in your supply line.

We would strongly suggest you bring someone in for an inspection in this case, as a slow leak on a pressurised line can turn into a small disaster fast.

Inconsistencies Between Hot Water and Heating

In some cases, people will have access to hot water, but no heating. This could be either something you can fix yourself or the sign of something more serious. For example, if your thermostat didn’t set the temperature desired at a certain time, there might simply be an issue with your settings. You might also have issues with boiler pressure – if it drops too low, your central heating system won’t work.

While this is something you can do on your own, you shouldn’t hesitate to consult a plumbing and heating engineer if you have any doubts.  This is also the case if you’re experiencing issues even if the boiler pressure and thermostats are fine.

We suggest you speak with a regional plumbing and heating service like GK Plumbing if you live in the Milton Keynes area and you experience any heating or boiler issues. They will be able to inspect your boiler or landlord boiler cover and heating system to get at the root of the problem. Working with a regional plumbing and heating service like GK Plumbing will also make sure that you can access fast service if you need immediate help.

Weak Water Flow

Weak water flow is one of those issues that can be difficult to decipher. There are cases when the problem is benign and easily fixed on your own. For instance, if you only have the issue with one tap, then it could simply be that there’s an issue with the aerator. But if it’s multiple areas, then this could be a sign of something graver like an active supply line leak. So, this is another issue you’ll need to have inspected quickly so you can act fast.

These are all signs you should pay special attention to and not dismiss. If you notice any of these, inform yourself and consider calling an expert to get to the bottom of the issue.

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