3 Easy Ways To Clean Out Your Home This Spring


It’s getting warmer again, and the trees that have dried up and got frozen over the winter are slowly producing green, beautiful leaves that represent new life. The atmosphere will feel like everything is being reborn as budding flowers begin to bloom and show some telltale signs of life. It’s finally spring, and it’s time to enjoy the new environment that’s about to come. With that, you’ll want to make sure your home is ready for the new adjustment.

While winter was a different story, you’re still probably stuck with that season’s home arrangements. The heat might still be up in your home or your pipes are probably still insulated to protect them from the freezing cold. Well, this time, things are going to be different. As spring blooms out new life, we approach the season with a jolly and fixed perspective of starting over fresh.

Gather Your Family

There’s nothing better than a good family bonding. If your kids feel like they’ve been too cooped up during the holidays because of the cold, it’s time to give them something to do. Cleaning might get you a few looks of contempt, so it’s time to change the tactics a little bit. Make a game out of it so your kids will enjoy the chore. First, you can make a checklist of things they need to clean and arrange and assign them to their respective rooms. The checklist will be the basis for their win. The person with the biggest number of items ticked off from the list will receive a reward. Not only will your home be spick and span, but your children will also have something to look forward to at the end of a long day filled with brushing, sweeping, and vacuuming and you will have a few more extra pairs of hands to help you out.

How to Achieve a Clean Spring Home

1. Start with filthy corners

When you start cleaning, make the filthiest place of the house your number one priority. These places will probably be your bathrooms and your kitchen. These corners are two of the most used spaces in your home, and a lot of things happen here. Your bathroom is what you use daily to remove the grime and dirt from your body, so you need to make sure you scrub every corner of your bathroom to ensure that it’s clean. You can use strong cleaning solutions because these are really hard to get rid of. Next, your kitchen is the source of daily nourishment, so it’s important that it’s free from bacteria to keep you and your family completely safe with what you ingest. It could get moldy in there as you clean, so make sure you are wearing protective equipment like a mask and gloves to avoid inhaling unsafe materials and getting sick.

2. Maintain your backyard and equipment

The cold limited your movement, and going out seemed like a chore, especially cleaning stuff that has been frozen over because of constant snowfall. Now that they’re all gone, you can properly maintain your backyard again as well as the equipment you have there. An example would be your grill where you can cook the best burger patties. Make sure to get your grill clean and ready for the warm weather because you’ll surely be spending more time on it again in the upcoming weeks. Likewise, you can also start repotting your plants. They might have become damaged during winter, but there’s always a way to salvage them. They will need more care now more than ever, and it’s time to make your lawn green again.

3. Scrub, mop, vacuum

you name it! The floors are extremely dirty. Shoes step on it all the time, and your kids could be running barefoot around the house with no regard for the germs that might be sticking at the heels of their foot. Thus, when preparing your home for the freshness of spring, your floors should also reflect a fresh look and feel. Depending on your tiles or carpet, clean accordingly. Be thorough with the process.

Cleaning your home basically does not require a lot of tips, because it’s quite self-explanatory. As long as you keep a checklist and review it from time to time, you can easily complete the tasks you have prepared for yourself and your family. With the clean and easy feeling that spring is starting to exude, you can revamp your home for a fresh start. Likewise, if you’re a very busy person, you can hire a good service provider for this. These people will have the equipment needed to complete the job.




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