5 reasons you may need a plumber soon


Plumber is a person who installs and repairs gas and water pipes, as well as drainage pipes used to carry wastage away from homes. They also instate fixtures related to plumbing including sinks, toilets, bathtubs and appliances like washing machines. It is important to hire these professional workers such as GTQ Plumbing East Maitland in cases of emergencies instead of choosing DIY methods.

The need to hire a plumber is inevitable because every plumbing system has its own problems. However, it can be difficult to identify those problems until it inflicts major damage to your home.

Therefore, here are 5 reasons you may need a plumber soon:

1. Leaky pipes

Usually, people ignore a leaky pipe, especially if it is a small one. However, it can be dangerous to ignore one since it has many risks involved. It can increase your water bill since most of the water if being wasted. As leaky pipes are likely to burst, it is essential call a plumber. Plumbers are trained professionals. They can effectively find the leak in the pipes and know how to close main water supply in your house before changing the pipelines.

2. Slow drain

Hair, debris and oils stick inside the drains, slowly, stopping the water to pass through it. There are many DIY ways to fix a slow drain in your shower or a bathtub, but it is advisable to hire a plumber to do the job because sometimes the traditional methods may not work. Any kind of drain is supposed to drain quickly and if it does not, it is better to call for some help.

3. Running toilet

A toilet that keeps flushing even when it is not being used is known as running toilet. In case, you hear the noise of flushing even though no one is using the restroom, it is advisable to hire a plumber. A running toilet means that the seal connecting the bowl and the tank is working improperly which can lead to exceedingly high water bills. It is essential to hire a professional because solving this problem can be incredibly difficult.

4. Water heater problems

Water heaters convert cold water into warm/hot water enabling the person to have a hot shower or a bath. Calling a plumber can be helpful, in case your water heater is damaged or broken. After diagnosing it, they will tell whether to repair your current water heater or buy a new one. They may even give suggestions on which model and where to buy it from.

5. Damp basement

Every homeowner has a fear related to plumbing problems, that is water collecting in their basement. Often it is quite hard to pinpoint where the water is coming from. In such situations, it is smart to call a plumber. Plumbers can usually pinpoint the source and solve your problem very easily.  Also consider having a stainless steel drain grate as well.

The final word

Professional plumbers not only solve these problems but also help protect your family and house. It is advisable to do you research before hiring a plumber.

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