10 Best Green Bedding Options To Give Your Room A Tropical Vibe


Perhaps you’re thinking of having your bedroom experience a fresh upgrade. And here you are, browsing the internet for some inspirational ideas. You probably brainstormed earlier and realized you want to stick to the tropical vibe theme. Well, that indeed is possible to achieve.

This kind of décor trend is easy to incorporate with lots of unique and fresh ideas to try. You typically spend a lot of your time in your bedroom, so ensuring that it’s cozy and comfy is crucial. If you’re a bit lost on how to stick to this green tropical theme, you can read along with this article and see which kind of green suits your bedroom and your preferences best.

The following are some green bedding options for you to try so you can achieve a tropical vibe theme:

1. Green Botanical Motif

Green always looks excellent in a tropical setting, and if you’re a fan of a botanical garden theme, this bedding option is for you. Adding tropical leaf motifs to a modern bedroom is a chic and delightful way to transform an ordinary space into one with smart tropical overtones. And then continue emphasizing a botanical motif on your beds by going for a shade of green. Whether you want it plain or have some leafy prints on it, waking up to nature can be achieved by upgrading your bedroom this way.

A neutral color scheme will help highlight the pops of green, but you can still toss in some green and tropical accents here and there. Since it’s botanical, you can throw it in an indoor plant on your bedside table. You can also spring in some wall art, like some framed botanicals. This is a notable trend that will mix well with your tropical vibe.

2. Dark Green Bedding Options

The next bedding option you have is these dark green beddings. A traditional-looking bedroom with an air of panache – every element is stylish, but nothing is stodgy or dull. There’s a soothing feeling to the monochrome dark-green color scheme. You can play it with some contrast of decorations like selecting an area rug in the color brown or decorating some flower bouquets on your bedroom vases. Nevertheless, this dark green bedding set from beddable will give you the most comfortable and relaxing experience in your bed. With 100% cotton materials, these high-quality luxury sheets are enough to make you feel relaxed after a hectic day at work. Smell in the scent of the flowers around, and you can feel the wanderlust of having a night in the tropics.

3. Seafoam Ocean Vibe

In some ways, seafoam is slightly similar to sage, but its tonality is softer. It’s not a bright color, but it has a feature that instantly brightens the room’s mood. You’ll feel like you’re lying down by the beach, waiting for the sound of waves from afar. Achieve this theme by having seafoam bedding and incorporate the color beige on other bedroom decorations to attract plenty of natural light. There’s a lot of simplicity in this room’s colors and patterns. And to give it a classic touch, add in some beige furniture too.

4. Limes Everywhere

The colors here are diverse. You can always play with lime green in different ways. Automatically, lime gives you that tropical mood. Imagine sipping on your cocktail with limes and listening to some beach music. That’s what you’re going to experience while lying down on some lime green cool sheets.

You can add in some green shag carpets and a platform bed in this lime green-themed bedroom. Find some tips on how to best use wallpaper murals on the wall to finish off the accents. Find some lime green comforter, duvet, and furniture, if you feel like going all out on your theme.

5. Vintage Sage

This next bedding option comes with a vintage sage color that looks equally good in small and large spaces. This is a toned-down green option that still screams tropical. A white panel bed and vintage nightstand make this room very elegant in its own way. With sage green bed sheets, you can pair them with pillowcases that have printed greens on them to achieve a tropical vibe. Sage is a great color to use if you want to make your room green without going overboard.

6. Zen Green

If your bedroom is decorated like your favorite Zen spa, green is a prominent accent color choice. Remember your recent tropical getaway, and think of those accents you want to add to your bedroom. Start with crisp green linen bedding and add throw pillows to make your Zen-like atmosphere. Lastly, invest in art pieces and Zen-ish sculpture pieces to elevate your simple bedroom.

7. Fresh And Minty

Mint green is usually adorable for your children’s bedrooms. But if you love the color yourself, you can go for it. Because mint is a lighter color, the walls reflect natural light more efficiently. In contrast to the mint quilt on the bed, you can combine it with some whites to make the room look cozier as if you’re staying in a hotel by the beach. This bedding option is an excellent choice for any woman or girl who wants a clean, charming, and feminine room.

8. Grassy Green

If you want to be constantly reminded of the outdoors, go for this grassy green theme. Hang in some matching wall art, which can be surrounded with flowers custom stickers painted in grass green. You can go for green beddings with white comforters and flowers and grass-printed pillows. You can also choose curtains that can remind you of nature. Now, that’s a great effort to combine shades of green and to play with colors.

9. Subtle And Soft Green

There are many shades of green present in the numbers mentioned above. If you want to cool down on the green color, go for a softer shade. Decorate your room with milder greens. You can go for a bedding option that only comes with a slight touch of green shade. If you wish, you can add in other colors like brown to combine with green but still highlight your tropical vibe theme. The green won’t be overpowering against the different colors with this technique.

10. Modern Tropical Emerald Green

If you’re in the now, you’d eventually go for minimalist designs on your bedroom. With a tropical theme, you can still achieve it by choosing this tropical emerald green shade. Paint your bedroom with emerald green paint. You can go for other neutral shades for your linens. White won’t ever fail you. Throw in some rustic hardwood floors and accent with an area rug. That’s it for your minimalist tropical bedroom.


Who says green beddings are too bright or too loud? With the different ideas mentioned above, you’ll achieve your tropical theme and have a relaxing time in your bedroom all the time. Remember your Caribbean trip and re-live those moments in your own home.


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