Tips on How to Best Use Wallpaper Murals


Having a wallpaper mural installed on your wall can be fun, exciting, and easy at the same time. It will dramatically change the look of your entire space and give your room or sitting area a sophisticated and glamorous view.

However, before venturing into wall art, you need to choose a suitable design, color, and pattern that will compliment your space and interior. Some wallpapers also offer breath-taking scenes that can instantly make your wall look interesting and remarkable. The key lies in being careful and choosing a reliable seller, such as MuraleDesign, so that you can get all that murals have to offer.

Murals are quite cheap an easy to handle. This minor change will add instant appeal to your space. If used properly, it can make your room look more spacious as well. Moreover, the right selection of color and pattern can even positively impact your mood. Try custom mural wallpaper for your home to have complete control over the colour and pattern.

Finding a suitable wallpaper for your wall can be a difficult task. However, that shouldn’t your only concern. It is equally important to use murals in the right manner.

Continue reading for some valuable tips on how to best use wallpaper murals:

1. Choose the Right wall

Choosing the right wall for your mural art is very important. It is recommended to choose your feature wall, the one that you see first while entering the room.

You can also choose the wall that is against your furniture or sitting, this will change the look and feel of the room. All in all, you can choose any wall you find suitable but it is best to avoid choosing the walls with windows on them.

Colour and design of your wallpaper depicts your taste and can give your room a vibrant makeover.

If you are covering just one wall then opt for a bold and dramatic wallpaper design to add a dramatic look to your room.

2. Play With the Options

Mural art is very versatile and comes with a lot of variations and a variety of options. Go with your preferred natural style whether it’s traditional, classy, modern or glamorous.

Keep your furniture and color scheme in mind and choose a design that goes well with your home decor.  Be sure to check out Textile Futures for great options.

3. Try Removable Wallpapers

Some companies offer removable wall mural. Some of them are even reusable and can be reused if you are planning to change your home or apartment.

Using murals, even in small spaces, can highlight the area and bring a fresh new look to your walls.

4. Remember The Goal

As mentioned earlier, murals can change the overall look and feel of your house. For example, if you are into tech and cars, you can choose a racing-related wallpaper. Similarly, you can choose flowers if you love nature.

Forest murals can also sync well with the furniture and even make the room look bigger

For a more modern and classic look, give geometric or marble wallpapers a try. Opt for a design style that is in accordance with your requirements and preferred style.

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