Why You Should Hire a Pest Control Professional

Realising that there are pests on your property is an awful feeling. Pests are intrusive, dirty, and downright stressful. No one should have to deal with them.

As you come to terms with the issue, you may find yourself weighing the pros and cons of hiring a professional for help and wondering if it is worth the cost. To help you decide, we’ve come up with 5 important reasons why you should hire a pest control professional.

1. Professionals are faster

Licensed pest control technicians like the Exterminators in Pickering have access to pesticides that work better than anything sold in stores. They also have the training to understand the causes of an infestation and address them. Hiring a professional is therefore much faster than attempting to solve the problem yourself. Their work is much more effective.

2. Pests can make you sick

Some homeowners just accept that they have pests and give up on trying to get rid of them. The problem with this approach is that pests can make you very sick.

Mice, for example, spread the hantavirus in their droppings. Inhaling the virus accidentally may result in symptoms like fever and muscle aches, then progress into shortness of breath as the lungs fill with fluid. You should always get rid of pests as soon as possible so that you don’t get sick.

3. Pests cause damage to the home

Pests Cause Damage

Many pests such as carpenter ants, cockroaches, mice, and bed bugs will damage the home with feces and urine. Excrement between the walls is hard to clean up and it will ruin your insulation with mold. This damage will only increase as the infestation progresses.

Rodents are especially destructive. They like to chew on wooden studs and electrical wires, which may cause power outages and fire. While you may not have noticed it yet, pests also produce a bad smell that will scare away your guests.

Calling a professional immediately will prevent these problems. If the infestation has gone on for some time, a professional can find the sources of the infestation and help repair the damages.

4. You don’t know where the pests are coming from

While you can always just set a few traps and call it a day, there is a reason why you are getting pests. Figuring out what those reasons can be tricky, though. If you’re not sure where to start, hire a professional. Technicians are trained to recognize the causes of infestations and help you address them, so you never have to deal with pests again.

5. Professionals offer permanent solutions


Lots of companies offer pest exclusion in addition to removal. Exclusion means to seal entry points like wall vents and gaps on the exterior of the home, which helps to keep pests out permanently.

So, contact a pest control company if you want permanent results. A technician will get rid of the pests for you that help ensure that they never come back.

Hire a local pest control professional

It all comes down to professional expertise. Like plumbers, electricians, and other essential services, pest control experts have what it takes to solve your problem efficiently. Look for a local exterminator that is experienced in handling the pest you are dealing with and ask if they offer warranties with their service. Speak with the technician during the treatment and ask for advice so you never have to do this again.