Why You Need A Large Greenhouse In Your Backyard


Having a large greenhouse in your backyard has many advantages for your lifestyle and general wellness. You may already have adopted the lifestyle of growing your food in your garden which is commendable. However, adding a green house to this will yield you even greater results. If you haven’t started growing your food, you may want to consider starting with a greenhouse. 

Here are some great reasons to have a large greenhouse in your backyard. 

1. Grow Your Food 

Growing your food using a large greenhouse such as South West Greenhouses, means you can cut back on spending. A greenhouse facilitates the cultivation of multiple kinds of fruits and vegetables, and because they won’t be planted in the same soil, you can enjoy growing assorted plantation. You can plant the fruits and vegetables that you normally purchase in the grocery store which makes a greenhouse a great resource to have when it comes to financial budgeting. 

Growing your food also means that you have control over what you eat. You don’t have to worry about whether any preservatives were used, whether the food was mishandled or stored incorrectly. This means that you lower the risk of purchasing food that has gone bad, which can lead to health conditions such as food poisoning or an upset stomach. 

2. Family Activity

Having a greenhouse means you can make growing food a family activity. You can teach your children how to grow food at an early age so they’ll have an appreciation of the food that they eat and begin to practice mindful consumption early on. Spending time with family in your greenhouse is also a way of enhancing your family’s mental and emotional wellness because being in nature boosts wellness. Even if you aren’t working in the greenhouse, you can have a section in the greenhouse where you sit around and enjoy each other’s company amid nature. Another creative way of enjoying your crop while appreciating the relaxing space is to consider building rooftop greenhouses.

3. Protect Your Plants 

A greenhouse lowers the risk of having to rid of plants that may have been destroyed by external factors. External factors that can destroy your plants include high and cold temperatures. Other factors to consider that your plants need protection from include pests and animals. Just as you enjoy your produce, animals may find your open field inviting for them to enjoy your fruits and vegetables. 

4. Plant All Year Round

The plants in your greenhouse get the optimum temperature to grow in quality form. This means you can plant ‘winter crops’ in the summer and vice-versa. For example, onions and shallots grow well in the winter, which means that during the summer you can make way for plants such as tomatoes and beans. Having a greenhouse means onions, tomatoes and beans can grow together without having to worry about seasonal cut-offs. 

5. Efficient Light Distribution

The beauty of greenhouse covers is that these can evenly distribute sun rays because the covers can change the direction of the rays. This means that light is evenly distributed over the surface of your plants while avoiding the direct rays which can destroy the plant. 

6. Ventilation

Greenhouses are designed in such a way that your plants enjoy the ventilation that is facilitated. You can invest in a greenhouse that can fully open or has huge side windows. You don’t have to be as concerned about the quality of air compared to growing plants indoors. The natural outside air accommodated by the greenhouse will ensure a healthy crop. 

7. Use Of Technology

You can tailor-make the environment you wish your plants to thrive in by using technology. You can invest in greenhouse gadgets such as cooling and heating systems, humidification, energy-saving gadgets and shade screens for example. Depending on your goal and the type of plant you are nurturing, a greenhouse can accommodate for the specific climate you wish the plants to grow in. 


Some of the reasons to build large greenhouse in your backyard include enjoying the gift of growing your food and having full control over what you and your family eat. Gardening can become a family bonding activity, while your plants are protected from external factors such as weather, pests and animals. You get to plant any plant you wish regardless of the season because a greenhouse operates in an optimum climate all year round. The efficient light distribution together with natural ventilation ensures the growth of healthy plants. Finally, you can also control the climate in the greenhouse by including the use of greenhouse gadgets.

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