Why an Angle Grinder Is an Essential Tool?


If you are a DIYer and love to do things at home, having an angle grinder is a must. It’s a nifty tool because it can help you with various things, especially when it comes to specific tasks to make your home beautiful.

However, choosing an angle grinder can take time as there are tons of makes and models in the market. It’s a great thing that there’s a reliable site for learning about angle grinders. If you are undecided on which angle grinder to buy, visit the Grinder Power Tool site; it’ll help you.

The real question is whether you should buy it or not. As a DIYer, I highly recommend this because of the power it brings. To help you understand more, we’ve collected different uses for angle grinders. This would be proof that they are essential, especially for DIYers.

Grinding and Polishing Metal

We can’t call an angle grinder if it can’t grind metal, as it is its primary purpose. With the use of abrasive discs, you could grind metal quickly. The discs come in various materials. You’ll find aluminum, carbide, and diamond-tipped.

Once you’ve attached a grinding disc, you can turn your grinder on to have the disc start spinning rapidly. Once you press the abrasive disc, you can grind your target metal.

On the other hand, if you want to polish the metal, you should set the speed to a lower setting while using a polishing wheel. Doing this can improve the metal’s finish and color. When you smoothen a metal, it removes a layer and leaves a clean finish.

Remember that polishing metal might take time, so don’t rush it.

Cutting and Cleaning Metal

Thanks to the rapid speed of the disc of the grinder, you can also use it for cutting metal. If you are welding something, let’s say, in your garage, there’s a chance that leftover metal pieces are attached to it.

You don’t need to look for other tools because your angle grinder can do it. You just need to change the abrasive disc to a cut-off disc, and you’re good to go. One thing to consider is the thickness. If you’re cutting thick metal, you might need a thicker cut-off disc as thinner ones could break easily; however, they are great for thin metals.

They are also great for cleaning metal. Similar to salvageable rusty cookware, we don’t want metal with rust as they affect the durability of the metal.

You just need to attach a metal cleaning wheel and let the tool do its job.

Cutting Masonry Materials

An angle grinder is not only used for metals. You can also use it to cut masonry materials like tiles, stones, and bricks. If you’re looking for a specific shape for these materials, perhaps you’ll use them for decorations, then you’ll need to cut them with precision.

You need to make sure that you are using a masonry cutting wheel, as these are made to withstand and cut through these hard materials.

However, even though they are durable, they are susceptible to chipping or breaking since they are working with hard materials. So we recommend replacing the disc regularly for the best, clean cuts.

Sharpening Tools

One of my favorite usages of angle grinders is to sharpen other tools, such as chisels and axes. As we use these tools, they tend to get dull. This is the same thing for your lawnmower blades. One of the best ways to maintain your lawn mower is to sharpen its blades regularly.

For this, you’ll be using an abrasive disc. Make sure that the disc is secure so you’ll be able to focus on controlling it. Remember to do it at an angle to sharpen the blade with the same cut when grinding.

An angle grinder is a quick way to sharpen your tools, but we recommend using a sharpening stone after to give the blade a more precise edge.

Removing Mortar

Insect infestation and leaks are a headache. It doesn’t give you peace of mind at home. When you’re going to fix it, you’ll need an angle grinder. You’ll replace the mortar on the exterior of your home.

The main challenge is to remove the mortar without damaging the brick. Using the masonry cutting wheel can do the trick. You’ll be able to access the mortar and replace it with a new one.

The disc is narrow enough to fit in the small gaps. It‘ll also give you more control, allowing you to completely remove the mortar without damaging the brick.

The Bottomline

An angle grinder is one of the most versatile tools, so having it in your toolbox is essential. You’d be able to do a lot of things using it, and some of the most common ones are mentioned above.

The main thing that you should take note of is to use the right disc. It’ll help you get the job done easily and more efficiently.



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