Why Acrylic Mirror Sheets Are Better than Glass

To make a space look larger or to create a reflective surface in a home, gym or retail space, acrylic mirror sheets can be an excellent choice. While traditional glass mirrors have their place, they can be expensive and not quite as safe in certain zones. 

Here’s why acrylic mirror sheets might be the perfect solution for your interior.

What are Acrylic Mirrors Made Of?

Essentially, acrylic mirrors are sheets of perspex with a reflective surface. They are created by combining a transparent perspex sheet with a layer of shiny reflective backing. While authentic glass mirrors have a silvery appearance, you can find acrylic mirror sheets in gold, rose gold as well as the classic silver shade.

Acrylic Mirrors vs. Classic Glass Mirrors

There are some huge benefits to working with acrylic mirror sheets rather than traditional glass mirrors. Firstly, they are a lot lighter than classic glass reflective mirrors in fact, they weigh less than 4kg per square metre. Secondly, acrylic mirror sheets are much more resistant to impact, and if they do happen to crack or break on the rare occasion, they are less likely to splinter into dangerous, fine shards. Finally, they are really easy to work with — you can use most timber cutting tools to safely and effectively cut, shape and trim acrylic mirror sheets.

Top Uses of Acrylic Mirror Sheets

Now that we understand what acrylic mirror sheets are made of, and know all the benefits of using these shiny, shatter-proof sheets — where are the best places to use them? Here are some ideas for utilising acrylic mirror sheets:

  • Retail change room mirrors
  • Dance studio or gym walls
  • Decorative window art
  • Stable/Equestrian mirrors 
  • Mirrored coffee tables or dining tables

Where to Find Acrylic Mirrored Products

Acrylic mirrored products come in all different sizes, thicknesses and tints, and they are easy to order online for delivery across Australia. At Plastic Warehouse, they have a vast collection of reflective acrylic products that can be cut to size. They also stock your favourite shiny tints: gold, silver and rose gold. Here’s all the contact information you need to order acrylic mirror sheets and all your other plastic product needs.