Which Window Tinting is the Best?


The vehicle window tint market has been growing for years, and when a consumer market grows, so does its product selection. If you’re new to the world of window tinting and are looking for the best window tint for you, things can get overwhelming quickly. A quick internet search for the types of window tints available on the market can get you results for 1000 different kinds of window tints, each type with its unique benefits.

If you want to know which window tinting is best, there is no clear-cut answer. However, there is a best window tinting for YOU. In this informative article, you’ll learn about the types of tinting for car windows and why they could be the best choice for you, depending on your specific needs.

Best Entry-Level Window Tints

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Dyed Window Tint

If you’re interested in getting your windows tinted but don’t know exactly what you want and don’t want to break the bank, a classic dyed window tint is a great entry-level option. Dyed window tints don’t offer the same level of UV protection as some other types of tints, but they will still block sunlight with multiple layers of dyes. Blocking the sun keeps your car’s interior cool and protects your upholstery from sun damage. You can also choose the opacity level you prefer, so you can get the sleek tinted window look you’ve been dreaming about.

Metalized Window Tint

Metalized windows tints are better for strengthening your windows, providing extra safety benefits in the event of a collision. It won’t stop the window glass from breaking, but it will reduce the risk of the glass shattering into thousands of shards that go flying through the air in your direction. While it does provide UV, there are more advanced window tints discussed below that are far more effective. But, metalized tints are still a good entry-level window tint.

Dyed-Metalized Hybrid

If we’re discussing the best window tints, why not go for the best of both worlds? A simple way to get a good entry-level tint is by going for a hybrid dyed-metallic tint. It’s not the premium quality on the market, but very effective for the price.

Best High-Quality Window Tints

Carbon Window Tint

Now we get to the really good stuff that not only looks great but provides health benefits for you and your car. Carbon tints are excellent for blocking heat from the sun that causes the temperature to rise inside your vehicle. In fact, a carbon tint can block harmful UV rays and up to 40% of infrared radiation. Carbon window tints are also very durable, lasting much longer than entry-level tints. On top of its performance benefits, carbon tints will give your windows a sleek, matte finish that looks awesome. Naturally, if you want higher-quality tinting like this, you’ll need to pay a higher price.

Crystalline Window Tint

If you’re looking for a window tint that offers UV and infrared radiation protection without darkening your glass, a crystalline window tint is your best option. Crystalline tints are specifically designed to block UV radiation and infrared radiation to keep your car cool and energy-efficient without changing the appearance of your vehicle.

Ceramic Window Tint

Ceramic window tints are the clear best window tint type on the market, as long as you’re willing to pay a premium price. They do it all, providing shatter resistance, reduced glare, 99.9% UV protection and 50% solar heat absorption, all without sacrificing visibility, even at night.

Finding the best window tint depends on what you’re looking for and how much you are willing to spend. But, no matter your price range and what benefits you hope to get from window tinting, you’re guaranteed to find an option that works best for you.




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