Which Is The Ideal Drill Bit Sharpener For Home Use



Do you want to change the interior of your home, and installing new pictures and sceneries is in the list of new interiors? Do you want new holes in the wall for your amazing new ideas? Well, you might need a power drill to make holes in the wall. It is a handy tool that will make sharp holes with the help of its bits that do the main job.

A drill bit is a cutting tool that is mounted on the drill machine. It rotates with a great speed and crushes stones and other material that comes into its way, thus makes holes. It is ideal to be used at home as well. But it needs proper maintenance too. For that reason, you need to have basic knowledge regarding your drill machine, its bits and most importantly the sharpening of drill bits. After all, drill bits do the main function.

Knowing The Drill Bits

First thing to educate yourself is to know about the drill bits. These are the cutting tools that cut stone or any hard object making a hole into it. Drills bits are attached to the drill machine, that supplies power to it for its rotation to make holes.

Parts Of Drill Bit

If you want your drill bit to keep rotating and make perfect hole, it is important to pay attention towards its maintenance. And for keeping maintenance, it is important to know the various parts of your drill bit. Following are the drill bit’s parts:

  • Neck and shank
  • Flute and body
  • Cutting edge
  • Chisel edge and chisel edge angle
  • Web and margin
  • Axis and heel
  • Lip length and lip angle

The cutting edge, it is the most essential part of a drill bit. As name indicates, this part cuts through the surface. The sharpness of the cutting edge is next most important thing. If it is not properly sharpened, it will fail to make holes on the surface.

The Cutting Edge

It initiates the actual cutting process. Cutting of the cutting edge depends upon the cutting edge angle. Talking about the performance, large cutting edge has better performance than the small cutting edge. The two cutting edges are always connected by the chisel edge.

Depending upon the efficiency and usage of a particular drill bit, it may wear out and lose its sharpness. It would be difficult for you to make holes with the help of a dull drill bit. You might need to get it sharpened as soon as possible. But what if the hardware store is already closed? Need not to worry. We will guide you to purchase best drill bit sharpener.

A best drill sharpener has following properties:

  • Split point function
  • Push to stop function
  • Versatility
  • Specialized jaw guide
  • Durable and solid feel
  • Longer chuck jaws
  • Can sharpen and create split point drill bits
  • Thermal protection
  • Rubber anti-slide feet

A drill bit sharpener should also have on-chuck alignment. It should be light weight as well and should have al the angles for correct geometry of the tip.

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