Where inexpensive property should be found in Spain: the cities with prices up to 1000 €/m2


Did you know that as many as 815 towns and villages across Spain have affordable home prices below 1000 €/sq.m.? If you are looking at villas for sale in Torrevieja or Valencia, you should definitely find out where exactly a low property price tag should be looked for this year.

Where is the cheapest and most expensive Spanish housing?

With reference to the latest price index, a lot of cities with houses for sale under 1000 €/ sq.m. are situated in Valencia, Toledo and Granada. Here are some more facts from the latest price data:

  • 4 provinces where there are no offers in the segment up to 1000 €/ sq.m. include The Balearic Islands, Las Palmas, Gipuzkoa, and Biscay.
  • Top 3 cheapest: Alcaudet de la Jara (316€/ sq.m.), Fuente Obehuna (341€/ sq.m.) and Belmes (370€/ sq.m.).

A lot of aspects should be considered in making a decision to buy a property. Cost is essential, as is location and infrastructure. If we focus only on price, it becomes clear that properties in rural areas and small towns have the most moderate prices on the market. However, let’s learn more about the cheapest regions to purchase in Spain in 2022.

The least expensive places to buy Spanish housing

About 40 townships and settlements offer housing with rates at the level of 500 €/ sq.m.. But Alcaudete de la Jara (316 €/ sq.m.) in Toledo dominates the scene here, which, as in previous years, remains to be the most suitable town to obtain residence in the country at low cost. Fuente Obejuna (341€/ sq.m.) and Belmez (370€/ sq.m.) in Córdoba are next in ascending order.

Ciudad Real has a lot of settlements with rates up to 500 €/ sq.m. Almaden (€390/ sq.m.) is the town with the most accessible prices on property in Castile-La Mancha, followed by Toledo with 6 cities and Valencia with 5 ones. The least costly city to obtain housing in Valencia is Benifiro de la Valdinha (430€/ sq.m.).

Which regions have the most affordable housing?

Considering the amount of proposals within the value range of 1000 €/ sq.m., then, Toledo, Granada and Valencia are in the lead with 65, 40 and 89 budgetary municipalities, respectively. By the way, the cheapest residence in Granada is worth looking for in Zuhar, which is 398 €/ sq.m.

It is followed by Alicante (39 cities), A Coruña (38) and Seville (37). In the Levant region in Alicante, the cost varies from 460 €/ sq.m. in Algenia up to 961 €/m2 in Pinoso. Whereas, the most reasonable rate in A Coruña is in As Pontes de Garcia Rodrigues: up to 997 €/ sq.m. In the Andalusian province of Seville, prices vary from 533 €/ sq.m. in Villanueva del Río y Minas to 983 €/ sq.m. in Coria del Rio.

The most expensive places to buy the Spanish housing

At the moment in 4 regions there are no settlements offering properties on the market below 1,000€/ sq.m.. These are Gipuzkoa, the Balearic archipelago, Biscay and Las Palmas.

Alava is among the expensive regions: there is only one city of Oyon with prices at the level of 985 €/ sq.m., value exceeds this level in other parts of the region.

There are only few inexpensive townships in Teruel and Soria: Alcañiz (685€/ sq.m.) and Valderrobres (815€/ sq.m.) in Teruel; Almasan (635€/ sq.m.) and Burgo de Osma-Ciudad de Osma (780€/ sq.m.) in Soria, Castile and León.

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