When to Look for the Best Burnaby AC Repair and Installation Company


Replace your air conditioning unit to save money on energy costs and increase efficiency. If your utility bill has skyrocketed without additional usage, an ineffective AC could be to blame.

Replacement air conditioning units can be an expensive endeavor, so homeowners must carefully weigh all available options when considering replacement.


One of the primary factors in deciding between repair and replacement is cost. AC repairs can be quite pricey; if you’re spending too much on repair expenses it might make more sense to invest in a new system instead.

Your home’s ductwork and insulation may be to blame for an air conditioner’s poor performance, so taking steps to address them could help your new AC run more efficiently and save on energy bills.

When selecting a professional to perform air conditioning replacement or repair services in your state, it’s essential they be licensed and certified by their state. For example, you can check out https://nationheating.ca/burnaby/ to read their qualifications. A qualified technician can assess your problem and recommend the most suitable solutions; furthermore, they should provide you with a quote detailing these benefits as well.

AC Repair and Installation Company


Your air conditioner is a complex piece of machinery, and understanding its age before making major decisions about repair or replacement is vital to making informed choices.

Air conditioning systems typically last anywhere between 10-15 years depending on usage patterns; as it ages you must decide whether costly repairs should be performed or whether an upgrade would save money in energy bills and prevent premature wear-and-tear.

Determining the age of an air conditioner without professional assistance can be difficult, but there are a few techniques you can try. Look for a metal nameplate on its cabinet that displays technical specs including manufacturing date. Also, look at the back of the cabinet for this information.

If the air conditioner was installed prior to your purchase, documents from its previous homeowner or estate agent may provide details on when it was first installed; these records can help identify its age.

If you’re concerned about the age or condition of your air conditioner, contacting a trusted service contractor is your best bet for answering questions and receiving advice on whether it may be time to repair or replace it.

HVAC professionals employ an easy formula to determine when it is appropriate to repair or replace an air conditioner: multiply its age times estimated repair costs, and see how close to $5,000 it comes out as. This is an indicator that replacing will not only lower energy bills but will also decrease chemicals entering the environment.

AC Repair

Energy Efficiency

Your air conditioner’s efficiency declines with age. A more energy-efficient unit uses less electricity to provide cooling for the same effect, significantly cutting utility costs and potentially offsetting any costs associated with installing new air conditioning equipment. Over time, these savings could add up and offset any associated with upgrading to a more energy-efficient model.

An experienced AC company can assist in evaluating the energy efficiency of your current system as well as provide information on available upgrades that can improve home comfort.

AC systems that are regularly maintained can typically last 20 years or more; however, many parts within them have shorter lifespans than this. A capacitor, for instance, may experience issues caused by extreme heat or an unclean condenser coil; its failure can prevent your air conditioner from running at all and replacing one can cost as much as $1200.

No matter the lifespan of your air conditioner, regular maintenance services from an AC company will help keep it in good condition.

These may include inspecting and servicing of the unit to make sure it operates optimally and that no mechanical issues exist that could lead to a breakdown. Furthermore, changing filters regularly is necessary to prevent dirt and debris from entering the condenser coil and impairing performance and possibly leading to repair costs down the line.

If your air conditioner is old and ineffective, now may be an opportune time to consider upgrading. Upgrading can allow you to take advantage of recent home comfort innovations like zoning technology and variable speed systems. You can learn more about zoning technology by clicking the link.


Manufacturer warranties usually cover the costs associated with parts and labor related to a specific issue for a set period. Unfortunately, they’re non-transferable should you sell your home, nor do they cover everything that could go wrong with a system.

When purchasing a warranty, be sure to read all its terms and conditions thoroughly. These documents often include legalese that is difficult to comprehend; reading them through will give you a much clearer idea of exactly what coverage exists and does not exist. Furthermore, ask about fees such as service call fees and deductibles as these could quickly add up over time.

An additional important point is that most manufacturers’ warranties assume basic maintenance has been performed and that use exceeds the expected lifespan. If a technician finds issues such as dirty filters or ducts as being caused by neglect, however, then these repairs may not be covered under warranty.

As part of their warranty requirements, homeowners are usually expected to hire authorized contractors when making repairs on their home. Hiring unapproved contractors could void this warranty so it is a good idea if purchasing new homes to ask sellers for receipts and maintenance records, or maintaining detailed maintenance logs yourself.

If your air conditioning unit breaks down and is covered by a manufacturer warranty, contact the company that issued it in order to initiate repairs. When speaking with them about repairs, be sure to inquire as to any deductibles or service call fees involved, as well as obtain a copy of their contract for yourself as an essential record-keeper.

Warranty protection can be an excellent investment in your air conditioning system, and it’s wise to conduct extensive research before making a choice. Furthermore, be aware of how different warranties differ and which will provide optimal protection for your home.

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