When is the best time to clean your carpets?


One debate that seems never ending is the questions of when is the best season to clean your carpets. Now, depending on who you ask, you might get varied answers. There’s no debate that there are peak seasons and slow seasons at professional carpet cleaners, but there are benefits to cleaning your carpets at certain times in the year. But most people don’t have enough time or the resources to clean every time the season changes.

So to help out, we’ve created this guide to help you pick when the best season to professionally clean your carpets.

Planning Your Carpet Cleaning Schedule

One important thing to think about is what works best for your specific routine and preferences. Some people prefer waiting for winter to be over and completely out the door, that way they can get rid of all the salt, grime, and everything else that got tracked in with winter’s arrival and subsequent departure. Others prefer to wait for fall’s arrival to refresh their rugs in preparation for the holiday season.

At the end of the day, it really depends on your personal preferences and routine to decide when is the best time for Carpet cleaning. Each season has its own benefits, so choose the best one that suits you!

Carpet Cleaning in the Spring

To kick everything off, let’s begin with Spring. In the course of a year in your home when Spring arrives it brings the opening of the seasons and windows. In Spring most homeowners and renters alike, open up their patio doors and windows to let in fresh air. But with all that fresh air comes pollen, allergens, dirt, mould spores, exhaust fumes and so much more that’s floating around in the air. All of these elements can get in and filtered throughout your home from your central A/C unit.

Your carpets, rugs and even upholstery can act like giant traps for these floating elements, eventually capturing and trapping all those pollutants inside their fibres. To those who want to give their home a clean, refreshing feel, it would be best to clean your carpets, rugs and upholstery a good clean to help remove pollutants and allergens.

Carpet Cleaning in Summer

In summer, most people take advantage of the warmer weather and spend a lot more time outside enjoying the weather. Some of us take a quick (or long) trip away from home for a week or two. Summer is an optimal time to get your carpets cleaned after the house has been “aired out” from Spring. The warmer weather will also help the carpets dry faster and minimize the amount of time you need to stay off of it. Depending on your schedule this may be a good time to clean your carpets, if you want to minimize the time you have to stay off of them.

Carpet Cleaning in the Fall

Following Spring, Fall is the second peak season that many people get their carpets refreshed and cleaned. In preparation for the holiday season and their accompanying guests, many people prefer to get their carpets and upholstery cleaned before all the company comes over. Another benefit of getting your carpets cleaned in Fall is that it helps everything be clean for a long Winter indoors.

Carpet Cleaning in the Winter

When Winter comes, plenty of people are inside and bundled up tight. Windows are less likely to be open, doors shut quickly, there’s no doubt that Winter is the season when most people spend time inside.

Getting your carpets cleaned in winter has many benefits, it can help remove the spills, pollutants, soil and stains that have accumulated over the holidays and from all the other seasons. Cleaning your carpets helps keep the air circulating around your home clean and fresh, removes allergens and improves the quality of the air you breathe while you’re keeping warm indoors.

In conclusion

When it is the best season to clean your carpets, rugs and upholstery, it really comes down to your routine and preference. Some prefer to do a big professional cleaning in Fall to remove all the Summer allergens and prep for upcoming holiday guests, while others prefer to wait until Winter after all the hustle and bustle is done and they’ll be spending more time indoors. Whatever your routine is, the main point is that cleaning your carpets, rugs and upholstery at least once a year helps improve air quality, remove allergens but most of all it helps keep your carpets around for longer and looking pristine.

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