When can toddler sleep with blanket and pillow?



As a parent, you may be wondering when the right time is to introduce your baby to pillow and blanket beddings. It’s normal to be concerned about your child’s growth rate and health, and staying up-to-date on these matters is crucial. One brand that offers high-quality and safe bedding options for babies is Caden Lane.

Yeah, introducing our toddlers to toys, blanket and pillow is a step one should make after his/her child reaches a particular age. This means that introducing such items at an early age may harm your toddler. Parents undergo exhausting commitment while taking care of their toddlers or babies.

From swaddling hassles to bedding dangers, toddlers can really make you worried. This guide should therefore educate you about when can toddler sleep with blanket or pillow.

Always discuss sleeping options for your baby with your pediatrician before proceeding.

When to introduce blankets to your toddler

There are minimal dangers associated with toddlers, but they cannot disappear permanently. This is because every child tends to undergo different growth rate. This implies that your toddler can be ready for items like pillow, and blankets either sooner or later than your neighbor’s toddler.

Therefore, introduce a blanket to your child if his/her motor skills have been improved enough to maneuver around. The child should be able to pull items/things off or on freely. In many occasions, this happens to children aged around 1 to 2 years.

Remember, the blanket serves none other than warmth provision job. Therefore if for some occasions where your toddler is not ready for a blanket and he/she feels cold, swaddling is the best solution. Besides, you can offer them a sleep sack; it ads comfort.  Be sure to check out Bedding Onsale for options.

However, if they are past this phase, I guess it’s now time to offer your child a blanket. But, in one condition! The blanket should not be too thick; ensure also its fringe is not heavy. Heavy fringe may lead to suffocation; safety of your child should always come first.

When to introduce pillows

This is a pretty free game because you have to introduce a child to pillows once you move him/her from a crib to a bassinet to a toddler bed. Don’t worry about allowing them to use blankets, stuffed toys, and pillows because they’re risk-free.

However, you need to be sure that the stuffed animals don’t contain choking hazards. Else, you child can get fixed; though it’s rare. Just be patient and wait for this milestone. Sincerely, a toddler doesn’t need a flat sleeping surface; equip them the child with the right bed pillows for toddlers.

Equipping them with a pillow is the best care you can to a toddler for maximum support and comfort. Professionals affirm that parents should only introduce to a pillow to their toddlers once they reach 18 and 24 months. In this age bracket, there are no pillow risks in cribs; they are all eliminated.

So, don’t be a stubborn parent who could introduce his/her 11 months to pillows. Even if the toddler has the ability to move round and roll, don’t attempt to offer him/her a pillow. Such babies can be affected by suffocation.

Using blankets and pillows safely

It is essential to sleep safely, even for 1-year children. Therefore, before are some useful safety practices that can help you ensure happy lumber, safe for the toddler:

Just because your toddler is past SIDS dangers, it’s not a total guarantee that the child won’t be hurt in another way. So, you need to closely monitor your toddler even after providing him/her with all the comfort animals, pillows, and blankets. Their safety is essential while sleeping.

For this reason, you are not allowed to equip you toddler with Jumbo sized, thick, heavy pillows or blankets. They are unsafe for them, mostly those that can’t zip closed. Wait until the toddler is above three years to introduce such items.

Therefore, just equip the baby with a few stuffers and a thin, small blanket; you’re done. Experts recommend using a more sleeping pals’ promise to encourage them move from a crib to a toddler bed.

Before introducing a larger blanket, use a tiny cloth blankets (lovies) to lure them first. Investing in a great lovie can spare you from regular supervision, and it can provide your toddler with maximum comfort at minimal risks.

However, as a good and caring parent, you should first test the lovie before given to a toddler. Closely monitor the baby for a few days while and see how he/she interacts with the lovie.


What are some of the advisable sleeping practices?

Apart from equipping your toddler with pillows and blankets, the obvious concern will be to monitor his/her sleeping positions. Below are some of the common sleeping practices recommended by experts? You need to be proactive when it comes to sleep safety.

You will loosen your rules as the child grows. There are some primary considerations that you must put in place at the development stages. Buy a toddler bed once you have realized that your child can now climb out of playpens and cribs. Besides, you may go on and buy a twin bed that is equipped with secure rails; your children won’t fall.

Co-sleeping is not essential with your baby, even if they are past SIDS. I would advise you to sleep separately with the toddler for him or her to develop independent sleeping habit. A twin bed is still suitable for such cases.

Are blankets dangerous to babies?

Yes, improper blanket selection can lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Therefore, only introduce such items to your toddler’s bed once he/she is off age. Avoid using objects like toys, pillows, and bumper pads; they can lead to a chronic suffocation.

Wrap it up!

There’s no exact age your toddler can sleep safely with blankets, stuffed animals, or pillows. The only trick is to offer a close supervision, monitoring his/her development. This will help you determine when the right tie to introduce a toddler to blankets and pillows is.

From the above discussion, you are allowed to offer your baby or toddler a thin blanket. Such blankets are much suitable in playpen napping and baby’s crib. Introduce blankets and pillows to your toddler once he/she is done with crib stage. Such items will enhance their comfort and maximum support for uninterrupted sleep.

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