What Type Of Low Care Plant Is Available For Delivery For The Home


Most people love having plants around their home, especially if they live in a smaller space with a minimal outdoor garden area. Nature is serene and relaxing, helping eliminate the stresses and pressure from day-to-day chaos. If you can’t turn to the outdoors when you get home after a long day, make sure the interior of your home brings that outdoor vibe to you with plenty of houseplants.

While you might want to have the luxury of lush foliage, you may be intimidated by the time and responsibility they require, or maybe you’re someone with no experience who needs to learn before diving into the more advanced houseplant options.

Regardless of your situation, speaking with a representative on an official Planted Pot site can give you guidance on which of the many varieties are best for first-timers. The company can help you determine which are lower in maintenance and those you can ignore more than others.

But don’t forget, neglect is not the recommendation. It’s nice to talk to your plants every so often. That’s actually an added benefit for foliage. Let’s look at some of the most resilient options.

Types Of Resilient Potted Plants For Your Household Garden

Once you decide to develop an indoor garden, you commit to providing an environment where the living foliage can ultimately thrive.

You might select options with the forethought that there will be little care, maintenance, or responsibility on your part, but neglect is another story, and that needs avoiding.

Most of these options require periodic watering to grow without the need to pay a lot of attention. But you’ll want to see if their leaves are becoming dusty or they’re developing brown splotches or if they’re leaning or lopsided because you haven’t turned them. There is care required with all living beings. If you want none, you should avoid getting any. Find out the benefits of indoor plants at https://lifestyle.co.za/benefits-of-indoor-plants/  Let’s look at a few lower maintenance options.

The Ponytail Palm

The Ponytail palm is an impressively hardy plant that can survive even instances of neglect with little likelihood for distress. It’s aesthetically attractive and decorative, with little chance for you to kill it.

It is, in fact, a succulent, meaning there is little water needed, perhaps every 2-3 weeks. The plant likes brilliant, indirect sunlight, and there is no need for a high humidity level. It’s a nontoxic variety of succulents for those who might have cats living in the home.

Someone new to planting will have no trouble working with this palm. You’ll enjoy getting to know the plant, and it will guide you into the world of potted plants.

snake plant

Snake plant

The snake plant is an exceptionally diehard variety in the low-maintenance class of indoor options. While you’ll find a family of yellow and green combinations of colors typical, some dark greens and silvers are less common but quite striking.

These plants thrive in most lighting situations, so if you don’t have many windows, this would be the best variety of houseplants for you. There are minimal water requirements with an every 2 to 3-week schedule, or it can go longer if you’re away.

The houseplant purifies the air in a house, making it an ideal option for the bedroom with no humidity requirements. This guy is resistant to pests meaning the bugs and insects will steer clear of your household.

A word of caution applies to people with young children and pets because of the “saponins” in the leaves. These can be toxic to humans and pets if they ingest them.

The ZZ Plant (or Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)

The suggestion is you can push this plant to its very limits and the brink of near-death and still bring it back to a vibrant, healthy plant. People have given stories of keeping it outside to keep it away from pets only to find it was not fond of the outdoors, causing it to droop and change its vibrant coloring.

When coming back to the inside, the plant often recovers. While you see these often in malls due to its ability to thrive in almost any lighting situation, it enjoys brilliant light. Watering is necessary on a two-week cycle, but it can go a bit longer since it stores water in the foliage stems. If you are worried about your efforts or ability to “remember” to care for your plant, then buy a ZZ plant, this is among the most resilient plants.

Some other options that you might want to research as options for your low maintenance household garden that can withstand up to the point of neglect include:

  • The Spider Plant
  • English Ivy
  • Baby Rubber Plant
  • Philodendron
  • Chinese Money Plant
  • Devil’s Ivy
  • The Jade

Each of these is unique in its maintenance requirements, benefits, and simplicity. The great thing is they all allow even the least apt gardener to develop a household potted plant garden to take advantage of nature if being outside in the landscape is simply not an option for you. View for reasons to have plants among your interior space.

Everyone needs the advantages that foliage provides, the mood lifts, the enhancement to air quality, the aesthetic appeal, which allows a feeling of being at one with nature. It shouldn’t matter whether you have a green thumb or one that’s black as long as you take your time in learning and put forth an honest effort. With some, that effort can be small.

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