What Is The Cheapest Way To Cover A Patio?


Patios are created with the sole purpose of providing an excellent spot for people to relax and spend some time outdoors. Unfortunately, your outdoor patio experience might get marred by harsh weather conditions. This is mainly because most people don’t include any extra layer of protection or covering (patio covers) when installing their patio. As a result, the patio area becomes exposed to direct sun rays.  As a result, the patio area becomes exposed to direct sun rays which can also damage patio furniture.

So, the best way to rectify this is by covering the patio. With this, you can enjoy your patio to the fullest.

Cheapest Ways To Have Your Patio Covered

Suppose you plan to get your patio covered, but you can’t afford a proper roofing system; you have nothing to worry about. Instead, there are several cheap ways you can protect your patios conveniently and effectively.

Here are some of the cheapest ways to cover your patio.

A Patio Umbrella

A patio umbrella is one of the cheapest and readily available means of getting a patio covered. Although this is not a permanent means of covering a patio, it still provides the needed coverage. It is usually foldable and can be easily adjusted, making it very flexible to use.

Wood Beam Awning

A Wood Beam Awning is created using wooden beams, tiles, and concrete pillars. This is a simple yet effective form of patio cover. You can even install this type of covering using DIY methods.

Classic Pergola

This patio cover is perfect for those who don’t want to block out the sun completely. The cover is made by connecting a series of thin wood slats. These slats are well spaced to allow sunlight to pass through them easily. Check out some of the latest pergolas systems that will surely add aesthetic value to your home.

Hanging Lights As Covers

This is regarded as one of the cheapest patio roof ideas for a patio cover. Light covers are created by putting together strands of lights hung in lines across the patio.

Vine Covered Trellis

Vine Covered Trellis is made using a trellis, piled up on greenery to create a canopy. This type of cover, which is mostly made out of vines, is most appreciated by plant lovers.

Fabric Canopy

The Fabric Canopy is another type of cheap patio cover design. It is simple and effective. The fact that you don’t have to spend much to install it makes it a great option. When buying a Fabric canopy, always ensure to go for one with heavy fabrics.

Build A Palapa

Palapas are built by using roof thatches to form a canopy-like structure. If you want to give your patio a tropical vibe, you should install a Palapa over your patio.

Retractable Awning

This option allows you to uncover and cover your patio whenever you like. To install this patio cover, all you need to do is to find a local retractable awning seller and choose the model you want. Most retailers also provide installation services at an affordable price or for free.

Wooden Planks

You can also hire a carpenter to help you cover your patio using planks of wood and hardboards. This could come with different designs, or you could just have them nail planks and slabs of woods together to form a covering. It all depends on your style and budget.

Although getting a patio cover might cost you some money, it comes with lots of amazing advantages.

Below are some reasons to get a patio cover.


The main reason why most people install a patio is for comfort. However, this purpose is defeated when they struggle and deal with direct exposure to sunlight and other weather conditions while sitting in the patio area. With direct sunlight hitting their back, it is almost impossible to have a good time.

By getting a patio cover, one can quickly reduce or help eliminate sun ray exposure. This way, one can enjoy quality time at the patio.


With a patio cover, you no longer have to worry about getting hit by sun rays or being chased out of your patio by rain or other minor weather conditions. As such, you get to spend more time in your patio area. By doing so, you also get to spend more time with nature.


Suppose you plan on selling your home soon, and you are looking for ways to prop up the house’s value; installing a patio cover should be on the list of things you should do.

Aside from increasing the property’s value, patio covers can also add style and beauty to your backyard. Patio covers have a lot of benefits to offer a homeowner that enjoys spending time outdoors.

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