What is the Best Material for Plantation Shutters?


Window blinds with wooden lovers or plantation shutters, as they are widely known, are designed to give the window or doorway an elegant appearance from both inside and outside. Many of the reasons many southern homeowners turn to shutters include privacy, durability, and energy conservation. The average homeowner spends about $2000 on installing plantation shutters. Besides the high cost, wood is the most common shutter material. The other popular options include vinyl and faux wood shutters, which are more affordable, lighter, and humidity resistant. At Southern Custom Shutters, we are committed to offering straightforward and affordable plantation shutters. Our high-quality American-made shutters guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Other incentives include free quotes and consultation and professional-grade installation. We operate in multiple locations in North Carolina, such as High Point, Concord, and Charlotte. Some of our clients come from as far as Tacoma, WA, and Pittsburgh, PA. Aside from the bestselling Southern Custom Shutters – white plantation shutters in North Carolina, we also offer a fantastic selection of blinds and roller shades. Here is more information about the best materials for plantation shutters.

Wood Plantation Shutters

Wood shutters are distinguished as the gold standard for plantation shutters. A good quality wood shutter made from basswood is characteristically light and robust since it provides high strength to weight ratio. Wood shutters are also beautiful and can serve you for many years. With spirited artistry, wood shutters can be fashioned into different shapes, sizes, and styles. Unique styling can also be achieved by applying different stains and paint.

At Southern Custom Shutters, we are in the business of manufacturing high-quality wood plantation shutters from American sought raw materials. Our top of the range, Salem wood plantation shutter is custom-made using 100% hardwood components. It is available in the following standard trims: 4 ½”, 3 ½”, and 1 ½”. We also offer wood shutters in various custom paint and stain to match different home designs. Call our High Point office to learn more.

Vinyl Plantation Shutters

These plantation shutters are the least expensive and may feature aluminum or PVC materials for added support. Vinyl plantation shutters are also weather resistant and can withstand high moisture. Common types of vinyl plantation shutters include solid vinyl, hollow vinyl-clad wood, solid vinyl with aluminum, and structured hollow vinyl. The hollow vinyl shutters are generally small and have limited functionality because they cannot carry heavy loads.

Due to the limitations, the shutters are among the least expensive. The solid vinyl features a vinyl frame embedded with a PVC center to make it more durable and stable. The solid vinyl with aluminum is much more stable and features a lighter configuration. Hollow vinyl-clad wood features a hardwood frame and vinyl exterior. The makeup is designed to provide stability and durability. Moisture resistance credentials are enhanced with the vinyl coating.

Our faux wood shutters are unlike anything you’ve seen in the market. The premium poly plantation vinyl shutter is wrapped in MDF for longevity. Premium poly is available in three colors and can be painted with our level two standard colors. If you need a fantastic collection of Southern Customer Shutters, blinds, and roller shades, reach out to our friendly staff today. A High Point shutter specialist is always on standby to update your windows.

Composite Plantation Shutters

Also called the engineered wood and faux wood, composite plantation wood features an MDF enclosed with PVC/Vinyl coating. MDF is a popular composite material made by combining sawdust and glue. The shutter is sturdy and highly resistant to humidity and weather elements. If you want to save money, consider buying good quality composite plantation shutters, which are much cheaper than traditional wood shutters. For longevity, composite shutters should not be more than expected, thereby forcing you to seek a quick replacement. Southern Customer Shutters composite plantation shutters are carefully engineered by experts to eliminate common problems and give you peace of mind.

High-Performance Hybrid Shutters

Hybrid shutters combine the benefits you get from wood and faux wood materials. The cost-effective benefits include the strength of hardwood and the energy efficiency of faux wood. Our well-crafted hybrid shutters will also give you a timeless look and save you money by conserving energy. Salem hybrid shutters combine wood and vinyl components to create an appealing and durable shutter selection. The carefully crafted hybrid shutters are painted in the production line and come in ten standard colors and custom finish overexposed to dampness, as this may cause the materials to decompose earlier.

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