What is high-pressure building cleaning?


Taking on the task of cleaning a high-rise or large building needs a professional cleaning company’s assistance. It’s highly specialised work, requiring equipment to power wash exterior surfaces using pressure washers.

But why would a building owner or manager go to this trouble? For precisely the same reasons that a homeowner would ensure their home is clean. In the same way, the exterior of your house is impacted by rain, wind, and pests, so too do commercial properties. They are also often hit by graffiti, and mould, and mildew that take hold and leave the property looking run down and shabby.

Unlike your home, it’s not easy to repaint them or clean them. They have many unreachable walls and hard-to-reach areas that get filled with dirt. Pressure washing (which is sometimes referred to as power washing) the building exterior is the solution for this. You can check out this website for more information. If you need professional pressure cleaning services, contact Pete’s Pressure Cleaning Sydney.

How Power Washing and Pressure Washing Work

Both power washing and pressure washing work by blasting strong streams of water on the surface that needs to be cleaned.  The power of the flow creates kinetic energy which can break up dirt and grime from the surfaces.

There is a small difference between the two, even though power and pressure washing are often used interchangeably:

Pressure washers

  • Make use of cold water from a pump.
  • May use different soaps and other cleaning agents to get rid of tough stains and algae.
  • Cleaning agents are mixed in with the water to help break up dirt.
  • The method is suitable for cleaning vinyl sidings which cannot withstand hot water.

Power washing

  • The use of a pressure washer to emit heated water at high pressure (like a jet stream).
  • Water is used hot or as steam to clean.
  • Suitable for stains, grime, mildew patches, salt, and grease.
  • Power washing is very good for cleaning concrete, tile, and other surfaces that can take the heat.

The benefits of power washing high-rise buildings

We’ve discussed the impact of dirt and grime on a building briefly, but let’s look more closely at the benefits of power washing the façade of a building.

To keep repairs to a minimum

An unwashed building inevitably becomes vulnerable to the long-term effects of bird droppings, mould, and algae. It can lead to the brick and other surfaces deteriorating, which will ultimately compromise the building’s structure. In particular, mould and algae rely on the accumulation of dust and other particles on the building’s surface to take hold. If you’ve ever seen weeds growing off the side of a building, you’ll have some idea of just how an unwashed surface becomes habitable for plants.

The other issue with the dirt, mould, and algae, apart from being unsightly, is that they create a situation when moisture is trapped. This creates an environment that could spiral out of control and lead to rust and water damage to the building. Pressure washing the building will prevent more severe issues like these from occurring.

To improve the value of the building

Prospective tenants of buyers will look at the maintenance record of a building. Their decision will also be swayed by how clean and attractive the façade of the building is. Commercial properties are particularly vulnerable to graffiti. While some view graffiti as an artistic expression, it’s merely a form of defacement for a building owner.

If you’ve been a victim of graffiti, you need to have it removed. When it is left it becomes a drawcard for other graffiti vandals to hit the building too.  A professional will need to handle this as the pressure level, and cleaning method needed depends on the surface material. Some façade materials are more delicate than others. A higher pressure with a powerful nozzle could lead to damage if the wrong pressure level or nozzle tip is used.

A pressure washing maintenance schedule maintains a building’s appearance, ensuring that its curb appeal isn’t negatively affected. This is an important factor in protecting your property investment.

To improve health and safety

Research has shown that power washing has a positive effect on those who work or live in a building. Dirt, dust, and pollen that accumulates can impact one’s health negatively.  When mould from the building exterior begins to infiltrate the interior surfaces there are profound health implications for those it reaches. These include breathing issues and sinus infections. It can also reach the airflow vents and plumbing.

It’s also advisable to discuss power washing the sidewalks when you clean the façade of a building. This should be part of the maintenance of your property. It also helps prevent the buildup of algae, oil, and other materials that can lead to falls and injuries. Prevent accidents from happening!

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