What is an Epoxy River Table?


Have you been looking for durable furniture that will make your sitting room look adorable? Furnishing a home is not that easy as many people tend to think.

Just try shopping online, and you will be spoilt for choice as there are thousands of varieties to select from. An Epoxy River Table is one of the most attractive pieces of furniture that you can have in your home.

What is it exactly?

The epoxy table is a type of furniture of American origin, made purely of wood planks and renin. You are likely to find the table in most USA households.

Globally, the table has a great competitive advantage in the market because of its uniqueness in appearance. It also gives the buyer inward satisfaction, which makes them lack a reason for leaving it in the furniture shop.

The unique aspect of the table is that you can not force any other design on it. That’s why the combination of wood and renin is the final thing. That indicates that it’s not difficult to make it as long as you follow the steps keenly.

Do you know you can also make your own Epoxy River Table?

Making an epoxy river table on your own could be a perfect opportunity to exploit your hidden potential. On the economic side, you will save some coins for emergencies or other purposes.

You will not have to deal with the headache of finding a good epoxy river table technician. You can learn how to create a River Table on resin-expert.com. As a highlight, the following are some of the major steps.

Identify the essential things you will need

There is no way you can start making your Epoxy River table without getting the necessary materials you will need in the process. Therefore, you must acquire them before doing other things.

The easiest way of getting the materials is through a supplier who deals specifically with epoxy. Alternatively, you can look for them by yourself. However, you must have a basic idea of what you are looking for. That will prevent you from buying unnecessary materials.

Some of the materials include;

  • Wood
  • Epoxy resin
  • Table spray
  • Metallic Frame

After that, you can be sure to start the work. You can begin by preparing the wood, as explained in the next step.

Prepare the wood

You can plain in the wood first to ensure that the bottom and top are entirely flat. That is because they may have some curved shapes, which may obstruct the next process.

Also, don’t forget to grind the bark to create a strong bond between the resin and the wood. Failure to which, you may witness some breakages as you continue with the grinding. After that, proceed to sand every part to make it smooth. You can use p.180 to do that.

Finally, clean the wood with any degreaser and blow it with an air compressor to remove dust that would have remained.

Create the mould box

The purpose of making a mould box is to have a smooth release of the casted tabletop from the mould. You shouldn’t forget about this step. Your slab may get stuck on the old box if you do, and you may not accomplish your goal.

Also, make sure that you seal the edges with a hot melt like silicon. The molten substance used for the sealing will help in keeping the resin intact in the mould box.

Cast the river

The stage involves hypersensitive reactions. Therefore, you should take care not to be affected by the substance you are using to perform the casting. However, you must ensure that you cast significant volumes with the epoxy resin.

Do the flattening

Make sure that you flatten the table, and it’s smooth on both sides. The reason for flattening is that resin might shrink or expand during the process. Even though the process may take you some time, it’s good that in the end, you will have a flat table on both sides.

Get a frame

A metallic frame is the best, in this case, considering the level of durability required. You can get one welded for you at your nearest welding shop. Don’t forget to inform the welder to drill the mounting holes to make your work easy. After that, you can spray your tabletop and proceed to assemble.

If you master the art of making one epoxy table, you will have identified a business opportunity. Therefore, you should make sure that you follow the steps keenly. From there, you will realize that you can make several for your own and your customers.


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