What is a Punch List in Construction?


So, what does punch list mean in construction?

Let’s understand it…

A punch list is a document or a list of items that demand attention in order to be fixed or completed before the project is declared complete. A clearly written punch list can be used as a guide for the project to ensure everything is accurate and in place. In other words, it acts as a building plan and promise of quality for the project. Above all, it ensures collaboration between all the major stakeholders.

While creating an accurate punch list is important in delivering success, it is extremely important to perform it in the last so as to review the work and double-check to ensure that the process will be successful. Therefore, just ahead of the ending of the project and the release of the final payment, everyone involved should review the punch list and thus ensure the tasks carried out have culminated into a product that looks like an exact imitation of the initial plan.

You must have realized by now that a detailed punch list can help in preventing any disputes related to the project and expensive re-work. This is the reason, it is suggested that a punch list should be laid down prior to the beginning of the project. This assists in addressing issues of conflict (may prove fatal) and address them before popping up.

The Details…

Now, you must have had an idea about what is the construction punch list all about. However, there are lots more which you need to know to understand it further. Keep on reading…

It is specified in most of the contracts that a contractor must inform the project owner about the completion of the construction project. The contractor should ask either the owner or the architect to run a project inspection also known as ‘pre-final’. For this, the contractor should prepare a list of tasks; this is known as ‘Punch List’.

When the architect gets the punch list, it is important for him/her to confirm that the project is anywhere near completion or is complete as the claim made by the contractor. While doing this, they have to ensure the task is complete as depicted in the punch list and as it should be and no construction task is left out. In case if any task listed is incomplete, a resolution can be reached out with the project owner. If it is complete, this means the final payment can be released.

Role of Stakeholders in Ensuring Success of the Construction Project:

What is a punch list construction responsibility of the contractor?

The customer should visit the site before meeting the contractor. He/she should inspect the building under construction and see what is not complete. Preparation is important. Take the contract along or read it before knowing about the agreed terms.

What is a punch list construction responsibility of the subcontractor?

The subcontractors doing the work should ensure they are aware of the scope of the project as per the contract. Items mentioned in it should be carried out well in time. For items not mentioned should be communicated for extra costs. Communication is extremely important. Inspect it yourself before getting it inspected by others.

What is a punch list construction responsibility of the general contractor?

The general contractor who is bound to retainage by the owner should hold some retainage on the subcontractor and suggest a punch list so that they know what needs to be done to finish the work.

What is a punch list construction responsibility of the architect?

The role of an architect is to ensure ascertain whatever has come through is in line what was drawn on paper. They should point out immediately if anything is found out of place. They should inspect the site regularly, and follow up with regular reports’ every week.

Summing up

The aforementioned information defines what is a punch list construction program for every stakeholder. When taken timely, it ensures that the final punch list doesn’t reveal unwanted surprises and discoveries one is not prepared towards the end of the project.

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